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Meet the team

Forces War Records employs more than 70 people in our UK offices based in Wiltshire. We have a strong team of military and genealogy experts at hand to help you in your research some of whom are listed below.

Our team are waiting to hear from you to try and help you break down those brick walls and discover more about your ancestors, whether it be deciphering hand writing, giving you insider military knowledge or unencrypting military anagrams we have an expert who can most probably help.

Any or all of our staff may be involved in helping you discover the most possible about your ancestors either directly or indirectly when you contact us, and even when you don't!

Richard Bartlett BEM

Richard heads up one of our transcription teams and has a career of experience in the military. Serving 25 years in the 17th/21st Lancers, Richard was awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) which is awarded for meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the Crown.

Tom Bennington

Graduate of Military History from the University of Wolverhampton, recruited straight out of university for breadth of knowledge on the First and Second World Wars. Tom has had an interest in the Military since watching Top Gun and The Great Escape on TV as a young lad and enjoy a bit of war gaming, be it Risk on the kitchen table or Command and Conquer on the Computer. His family has been involved with the British Military in some fashion since before the First World War including his father in the Civil Service and Uncle a former pilot in the Royal Air Force. He has worked on many of Forces War Records’ media campaigns and has represented the company on Television and Radio broadcasts. When not relishing TV appearances, he is most often found on the forums helping out users or head down in a book researching our next blog or press-release.

Neil White

Web Manager and military enthusiast, Neil, was recruited by Forces War Records for his passion and knowledge of military history. Neil brings a wealth of knowledge when helping people find their military ancestors. Neil has been collecting military memorabilia since he was six years old, starting when his grandfather, a veteran soldier who served in the Middlesex Regiment in Burma during WW2, began taking his young grandson to car boot sales and museums to learn more about the history of the two World Wars.

The Transcription Team

Our transcription team are given in depth training in all areas of transcribing military records, from deciphering handwriting to understanding the structure of the armed forces, we make sure they understand what they are transcribing, which means we can present highly accurate information to you in a way that makes sense, and helps you research.

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