Meet The Team

Forces War Records employs more than 60 people in our UK offices. We have a strong team of military and genealogy experts at hand to help you in your research a small selection of whom are listed below.

Our team are waiting to hear from you to try and help you break down those brick walls and discover more about your ancestors, whether it be deciphering hand writing, giving you insider military knowledge or unencrypting military anagrams we have an expert who can most probably help you.

Any or all of our staff below may be involved in helping you discover the most possible about your ancestors either directly or indirectly when you contact us, and even when you don't!



Phil also comes to us from a military background. Serving as a SGT (Sergeant) in the 9/12th Royal Lancers, Phil is a highly valued member of our support team. In the front line of action Phil helps customers every day with their activities on the site, whether it is military jargon, or a technical issue with their accounts, Phil is always on hand and an absolute font of knowledge.








Web Manager and military enthusiast, Neil, was recruited by Forces War Records for his passion and knowledge of military history. Neil brings a wealth of knowledge when helping people find their military ancestors (part of the job he particularly relishes). Neil has been collecting military memorabilia since he was six years old, starting when his grandfather, a veteran soldier who served in the Middlesex Regiment in Burma during WW2, began taking his young grandson to car boot sales and museums to learn more about the history of the two World Wars. You can also see Neil in several of the Forces War Records online videos and case studies.

Linda has plotted a family history spreading back over many generations. Her family tree, so far goes back to 1700 with over 5,000 names on it and still growing. With a passionate love of family & Melksham history she joined as a volunteer to Wiltshire Online Parish Project where she is the OPC for Melksham, anything about Melksham town & people goes onto this website. From this she started helping Lisa Ellis at The Well House Collection which houses Melksham Museum, the two tie in nicely and she has been transcribing census and burial records from original source. She is also very involved with the social site - Historic Melksham, again family and old photographs enable her to contribute to this, as well as taking photographs of Melksham now, for Melksham people who now live all over the world.  

Tim is our M.D. and life long military enthusiast. Working in a managerial role for the past 15 years Tim helps us ensure our vision of providing THE location for anyone wanting military information on individuals, stays on track. Growing up as a child with an assault course of military aircraft hanging from fishing wire from his bedroom ceiling and a double ex-military child Tim's passion for anything military genealogy related helps him associate with our visitors to our website by knowing what information will be useful to them before they realise it!  


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