Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM)

Instituted by Her Majesty The Queen by Royal Warrant on 29th March 1999 and it was announced in Parliament on 1st April 1999 The Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM) is awarded to men and women of any rank/rate, of all three services, in recognition of exemplary personal performance over an extended period of service in the Volunteer Reserve Forces. There are only 13 Queen’s Volunteer Reserves Medal (QVRM) awards made in any one year, and they are presented only for exemplary meritorious service in the conduct of duties.

The QVRM is a Level 3 award and ranks in military order of wear immediately after the British Empire Medal. It is the first exclusive award to Volunteer Reserves that is presented at an investiture. It is announced in the Armed Forces section of the New Year and Queen's Birthday Honours Lists and recipients, who are entitled to the letters “QVRM” after their name, will attend an investiture. In the official Order of Wear, the QVRM is classed as a Decoration and is worn after any other Decorations but before Campaign and Operational Service Medals and Long Service & Efficiency awards.

It will be usual that members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces shall have completed 10 years' efficient service before being recommended for award of the Medal. Only in exceptional circumstances shall recommendations be considered for those with less than 10 years' service.


Materials:   The majority of the British medals and clasps are made of solid silver, though some were issue in bronze versions, mainly to Indian non-combatants.  The majority of the British campaign awards are circular, usually 36mm in diameter.

Ribbons:    Medals are worn suspended from their own specific ribbons. These were first made of silk but cotton was increasingly used as the nineteenth century developed.  Their own colours often have a symbolic significance: the equal stripes of the ‘1939 to 1945 Star,’ for example, are dark blue to represent the service of the Royal and Merchant Navies, red, to represent that of the Armies and light blue to represent that of Air Forces.

Ribbon width can vary slightly though it is generally 32mm wide.

Ribbon – Dark green with three narrow gold strips

Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal ribbon
Queen's Volunteer Reserves Medal ribbon

Suspender - Ring

Eligibility – Members of the Army Reserve (United Kingdom), Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve

Awarded for – Exemplary personal performance over an extended period of service in the Reserve Forces

Established – 29th March 1999

Post Nominals - Receipt of this medal is entitles the holder to use the post-nominals ‘QVRM’

Bars / Clasps - There are no clasps awarded for this medal

Description – Silver circular medal 36mm diameter – The obverse shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by the inscription ‘ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FID DEF’ (Latin: Elizabeth II by the Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith). The reverse depicts a scroll with the inscription ‘THE QUEEN’S VOLUNTEER RESERVES MEDAL’

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