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Manfred Ackermann (born 1 November 1898 in Mikulov (Moravia), died 16 June 1991 in Vienna) was an Austrian Social Democratic politician and trade union official in Austria and the United States.Ackermann served in the Austrian forces during World War I. After returning to civilian life, he became involved in trade union activities and the Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei (SDAP). The SDAP was banned in the 1930s and Ackermann was arrested in March 1934, after the Austrian Civil War, and held until summer, 1935 in Wöllersdorf detention camp. He was re-arrested in November 1937 as a result of working illegally and held until Schuschnigg's general amnesty in March 1938. After the Anschluss of Austria by Germany in 1938, Ackermann was, as a Socialist and a Jew, obliged to flee the Nazis. After passing through Italy, Switzerland and Belgium, he lived in Paris, but in 1939 he was imprisoned by the French in Colombes and Montargis. He was subsequently able to go, via Spain and Portugal, to the United States where he worked and was again active in trades unions.Ackermann retired in 1964 and returned to Austria. He lectured there until his death in 1991 and was one of the initiators of the Contact Committee of the Federation of Socialist Youth freedom fighters.
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Amtsgruppe IVA1b - Reactionary Movements / Reactionaries, Pacifists, Defeatism, Anti-Nazi Activity
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Reactionary Movements
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Reactionaries, Pacifists, Defeatism, Anti-Nazi Activity
Prinz Albrecht Strasse 8, Berlin
The RSHA (Reich Main Security Office) came into existence on 27/9/39 after being separate offices of the SD (security service) and SS (nazi paramilitaries) since the mid 1930's. AMT I & AMT II were formed officially on 1/10/39 but reorganised completely after March 1941, heads of department were regularly transferred to different departments and the Einsatz Squads of paramilitary murderers when new countries were invaded as all had perceived 'undesirables' to be eliminated.
AMT IV was probably the most infamous of all the Nazi security apparatus, 'the Gestapo' (GEheime STAats POlizei) The secret state police, who were the instigators of all interrogation, imprisonment, murder and genocide in the nazi regime.
Head Officers
Captain Otto Prochnow, Doctor Sader
Prochnow lived in North Berlin, Seestrasse, alleged to have been recruited by the CIA after 1948.
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OSS interrogation report for the Nuremburg war trials 1946
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