Hitler's Black Book - information for Jakob Makohin

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Wieza Or Wien (Vienna)
Last Seen
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Mac-Cohen, Mac-Kohen, Razumowsky, Macohon, Mac-Kogen, Mokriwsky, Masepa-Razumowsky
Editorial Notes
Prince Leon Mazeppa von Razumovsky, born September 27, 1880, was a Russian nobleman and a pretender to the Hetmanship of the Ukraine. He claimed to be the sole surviving descendant of Count Kirill Grigorievich Razumovsky who was the last hetman of the Ukraine. He fled with his US Wife to the USA in 1940 from Austria and he died on 13/1/56 and is buried at Arlington cemetry.

same person as M9, Book has IVD3A listed as wanted department, however this did not exist.
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Wanted by Departments

Amtsgruppe IVD3 - Informants, and Foreign Enemies of the State
Name (Before 1941)
Name (After 1941)
Informants, and Foreign Enemies of the State
Wrangelstrasse 6-7, Steglitz
The RSHA (Reich Main Security Office) came into existence on 27/9/39 after being separate offices of the SD (security service) and SS (nazi paramilitaries) since the mid 1930's. AMT I & AMT II were formed officially on 1/10/39 but reorganised completely after March 1941, heads of department were regularly transferred to different departments and the Einsatz Squads of paramilitary murderers when new countries were invaded as all had perceived 'undesirables' to be eliminated.
AMT IV was probably the most infamous of all the Nazi security apparatus, 'the Gestapo' (GEheime STAats POlizei) The secret state police, who were the instigators of all interrogation, imprisonment, murder and genocide in the nazi regime.
Head Officers
SS Captain & Criminal Police Councillor Schroeder
Erich Schroeder Born 12 March 1903 , Joined the RSHA section IVD3 which he led until the summer of 1941. At this time he was replaced by Geisler and transferred to theGerman Embassy in Neutral Portugal as head of the SS Security Service (SD). SS (member number 80114) Schröder reached the rank of Sturmbannführer .
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