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28 Gunnerstone Road, West Kensignton, London W14
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Ernst Franz Sedgwick Hanfstaengl (February 2, 1887 – November 6, 1975) was a German businessman who was an intimate of Adolf Hitler before falling out of favour and defecting. He was at 1st interned in GB then transferred to a POW camp in Canada before being released and working for the USA. He worked for Franklin D. Roosevelt and was once engaged to the author Djuna Barnes. NO SUCH DEPARTMENT AS IVC5 LISTED BUT THIS IS PROBABLY UNDER 'PARTY AFFAIRS'

Book has IVC5 listed as wanted department -this did not exist
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Amtsgruppe IVC - Records, Preventative Detention & Press Matters
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Records, Preventative Detention & Press Matters
Zimmerstrasse 16-18, Berlin
The RSHA (Reich Main Security Office) came into existence on 27/9/39 after being separate offices of the SD (security service) and SS (nazi paramilitaries) since the mid 1930's. AMT I & AMT II were formed officially on 1/10/39 but reorganised completely after March 1941, heads of department were regularly transferred to different departments and the Einsatz Squads of paramilitary murderers when new countries were invaded as all had perceived 'undesirables' to be eliminated.
AMT IV was probably the most infamous of all the Nazi security apparatus, 'the Gestapo' (GEheime STAats POlizei) The secret state police, who were the instigators of all interrogation, imprisonment, murder and genocide in the nazi regime.
Head Officers
SS Lieutenant-Colonel & Senior Administrative Councillor Doctor Rang, Deputy: SS Major, Administrative Councillor & Criminal Police Councillor Doctor Berndorff
Fritz Rang Born 9 April 1899 in Grottau / Bohemia - Death unknown, NSDAP 1,366,023 SS membership number. 122074, From October 1939 to January 1940, he directed the state police office Zichenau on the border with Poland . Rang joined the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA) from March 1941 as Sturmbannführer and Government Chief of Office Group IV C. The reorganization of the RSHA in March 1944 - made him Head of Unit IV B 3. Rang disappeared after the war and was not seen again. Emil Berndorff Born 1 December 1892 in Berlin ; Died after 1968, Berndorff joined the Gestapo in June 1933,as deputy of II1C with Willy Litzenberg. In March 1934 he took over from Charles Futh Head of Section IV C 2, the so-called protective custody unit - the Secret State Police Office.It was this office that set up the first KZ (concentration camps). In September 1938, he was a Hauptsturmführer and on April 20, 1942 Obersturmbannführer. After the founding of the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA) Berndorff maintained his activity as Head of Unit IV C 2 (protective custody matters) in Amt IV (Gestapo) of the RSHA. After the war, Berndorff went into hiding although in mid-December 1945, he was arrested & taken to a detention center in Neumünster. In 1947 he was investigated in denazification proceedings & convicted of "membership of a criminal organization" to five years in prison. Taking into account his internment, he was released in 1950. He was later invedtigated and charged with war crimes in 1967, but this being outside oif the statute iof limitations the case was dismissed.
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