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About Department Amtsgruppe II B3

Name (Before 1941)
Polical Churches
Name (After 1941)
Identification Cards
Kochstrasse 64, Berlin
The RSHA (Reich Main Security Office) came into existence on 27/9/39 after being separate offices of the SD (security service) and SS (nazi paramilitaries) since the mid 1930's. AMT I & AMT II were formed officially on 1/10/39 but reorganised completely after March 1941, heads of department were regularly transferred to different departments and the Einsatz Squads of paramilitary murderers when new countries were invaded as all had perceived 'undesirables' to be eliminated.
Head Officers
Albert Hartl, Administrative Councillor Kelbling
Albert Hartl ran this department originally, Albert Hartl Born 13 November 1904 in Rossholzen, died 14 December 1982 in Ludwigshafen, He stayed at the RSHA until Mid 1941 when after a disciplinary for inappropriate sexual behaviour he was transferred to an Einsatzgruppe* in Russia, Captured by the British after the war he stood as a witness in war crimes tribuals but was never indicted himself. .Rolf Kelbling *(Einsatzgruppen/ EinsatzKommandos were a paramilitary death squad used immediately behind the front line troops to kill/imprison political/Jewish/Gypsy persons and the intelligentia who were deemed as 'dangerous' to the Nazi regime, The Head of the security Service Heydrich was very keen his subordinates took part in such squads. After the War, 24 senior leaders of the Einsatzgruppen were prosecuted in the Einsatzgruppen Trial in 1947–48, charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes. Fourteen death sentences and two life sentences were handed out. Four additional Einsatzgruppe leaders were later tried and executed by other nations.)
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