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Expert help from Britain's leading Military Genealogy researchers

Hit a dead end? Save time and avoid frustration by investing in the intelligence and experience of one of the UK's top military genealogy researchers today. Our experienced researchers access relevant repositories including The National Archives at Kew, England.

From specific service documents to the numbering systems for the 1830s British Army and onto regimental precedence, our experts know precisely how to find what you need.

  • Medals & Awards
  • Service Records
  • Battles and campaign movements
  • War Diaries
  • Injuries and casualties
  • Ranks and promotions

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Military Research Package

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Your research results will contain

A Detailed Report
Containing the results of the research
Digital images of all documents found relating to your ancestor.
Research Journal
A document containing a log of the searched conducted, research findings, source citations to records viewed, and any necessary analysis commentary demonstrating the depth and breadth of the research undertaken. The research journal establishes that a diligent search was conducted.
All information will be provided in an easily downloadable package
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