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Welcome to our guides to help you understand how you can find as much out about your ancestors past as possible.

The magazines below are based on dedicated research and our findings throughout our thousands of hours spent on individual and general military & conflict searches. Please use the guidelines and helpful hints & links in these to get further in your research, if you reach a brick wall or are confused at any time simply contact us or/and ask a question within the forums.

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Researching military records can be a daunting task, our helpful articles (below) are sure to assist you in your quest!

These research guides & tutorials include understanding military terminology, tracing POW ancestors, a Remembrance Special about Unknown Warriors and helping you track the movements of your ancestors military unit during WW1 with our special map.

We've also included guides on how to start researching your ancestors military history and search both school and Naval records, to ensure you can easily find what you're looking for.

Tutorial - Understanding your ancestor's military record

Military records can sometimes be difficult to read or understand. This guide explains the terminologies, abbreviations and acronyms often used in records.

Tutorial - Breaking down brick walls

How to get started... 10 simple steps from Simon Fowler, a member of AGRA, to kick-start your genealogy research or help you if you've hit a brick wall. 

Tutorial - Trench Trauma and medical meracles

What was it really like on the front line? This guide takes you through the journey of evacuation for those wounded or injured, and explains medical terms.

Tutorial - Who to trace your POW ancestor

How to track down your ancestor who may have been, or was, a Prisoner of War, this guide will take you through the search process and gives details about life in a POW camp.

Tutorial - Quick guide to requesting WW2 records

This guide will tell you how to search for your military ancestor's WW2 records, often tricky because so many were destroyed in the Blitz. Discover what you'll need to track him down. 

Special download - Remembering those who fought and lost

Remembrance Special. Read about the 'Unknown warrior' As all over Europe and beyond, different nations revere and remember their own Unknown Warriors from the Great War. Also discover the Forces War Records Dedication Wall.

Special Download - Wartime Sports in pictures, documents and records

“Mens Sana in Corpore Sano” runs the motto of the Army Physical
Training Corps. “A well-balanced mind in a healthy body”. This special download features sports in wartime with pictures and offical documents and information on cricket legend Hedley Verity

Inside story - Prisoners of War

In this download 'Meet the Forces War Records POW Expert' and see a selection of Prisoner of War journal extracts from our Historic Archive.

Special Download - The Battle of Britain in Pictures

On 10th of July 1940 The Battle of Britain took to the skies. Read about the great air battle including: Battle Of Britain, Just How British Was It?

Tutorial - Your guide to Forces War Records ORBATS World War One Troop Movements

Discover more about your military ancestor by tracking the movements of his unit. See his journey unfold step by step, with the Forces War Records ORBATS WWI Troop Movements feature. Also understand the Army structure

Special Download - The Battle of Jutland, All you need to know.

What was it really like at Jutland, the largest naval battle of the First World War? This guide takes you through the battle with historic features, archive extracts and images.

Special Download - DDay The Full Story

D-Day 6th June 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in history. Read some little known facts about what really happened on that famous day which took three years of planning. 

Tutorial - Strating your Research guide

This guide will tell you how to get started with your research with this facinating and amusing insight into family tree research.

Special Download - Royals at War

‘Royals at war’. A thought-provoking article discusses how royal family relationships couldn't prevent the outbreak of WW1, plus we pose the question; 'How symbolic were our royal leaders in wartime?'.

Tutorial - Getting Started with your military research

Getting Started Guide - Your complete guide to researching YOUR military ancestor: Where to start, how to search, and what to do if you hit a brick wall.

How To search School Records - Whilst it's exciting to find your ancestor record as a scholar, have you ever wondered what school life might be like for them? Or even what other school records are available?

How to search Naval Records

If your ancestor served in the Merchant Navy, Royal Navy or as a submariner and you need some genealogy assistance please read our FREE tutorial: ‘How to search Naval Records’

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