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FREE tutorials

Whether you're a beginner, just starting out or have been researching for a while and hit a brick wall these 5 FREE tutorials from Forces War Records are essential guides to help you with your genealogy research.

Start your search today!

Military records can sometimes be difficult to read or understand. This guide explains the terminologies, abbreviations and acronyms often used in records.

How to get started... 10 simple steps from Simon Fowler, a member of AGRA, to kick-start your genealogy research or help you if you've hit a brick wall. 

What was it really like on the front line? This guide takes you through the journey of evacuation for those wounded or injured, and explains medical terms.

How to track down your ancestor who may have been, or was, a Prisoner of War, this guide will take you through the search process and gives details about life in a POW camp.

This guide will tell you how to search for your military ancestor's WW2 records, often tricky because so many were destroyed in the Blitz. Discover what you'll need to track him down. 


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