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Data Sharing

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As a member of Forces War Records you have the option to ‘opt in’, allowing your information to be used to help others discover their family tree.

If you agree to this, Forces War Records will store your data in its databases.

What is Gedcom?

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GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication. It is a standard for the specification of exchanging genealogical data between different genealogy software.

It is used to store information about individuals and families regarding their life history events. This data can be interpreted into a graphical family tree diagram where you can add a record that you find to your family tree or amend an existing one.

You can find out more about GEDCOM by reading this article.

Family Tree Terms and Conditions

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Please take time to understand the terms and conditions that define your rights and responsibilities as a GEDCOM contributor.

By submitting your GEDCOM file to you agree that:

Forces War Records will store your data for future use for the sole purpose that you do not have to re-import your GEDCOM file.

If you import a tree that has the same filename as a currently saved tree on then that tree will be overwritten with the fresh one.

You also agree that: submitting your GEDCOM file to does not entitle you to any compensation, monetary or other.

Please understand that anything you submit must not infringe on the copyrights of others, invade the privacy of others, or is defamatory or profane in any way. Forces War Records reserves the right to remove anything that breaks these terms.

Your Family Tree

Upload Your Family Tree

If you have already created a family tree elsewhere, you can upload it below (GEDCOM format). Once your file has been imported all of the people in it will be placed into a new tree on Forces War Records.

You can then add new names to your family tree from records you find on Forces War Records.

You can export your family tree from Forces War Records into any other program that uses the GEDCOM format.

Please note that large family trees may take 5-10 minutes to process.


Start Your Family Tree

If you haven't already started your family tree, click the button below to start building one now.

You can add your family members to your tree as well as importing records from our database.

You can share, email and export your family tree to show to your family or to other members on Forces War Records.

Trees will be displayed here when saved.

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