The War Illustrated, No. 241, Vol. 10, September 13th 1946

Our Roving Camera Greets Battle-Famed Iron Duke MAGNETIC MINE, the first to be laid by the Germans in our home waters, was in­cluded in an exhibition of mines held at the South Kensington, London, Science Museum in August 1946. It was recovered in dramatic cir cum stances from the Thames Estuary in Novem­ber 1939. See story in page 124, Vol. 7. PAGE 322 U.S AIRCRAFT CARRIER Franklin Delano Roosevelt (left, background), on its first visit to European waters anchored in the river Tagus after arriving at Lisbon, Por­tugal, in August 1946. En route for the Mediterranean, the 45,000-ton ship fortned part of the 12th U.S. Navy Squadron, under orders of Admiral H. K. Hewitt, Com- mander-in-Chief U.S. Naval Forccs in Europe. H.M.S. IRON DUKE, 34- year-old British battleship (right), was towed through the Firth of Clyde, Scot­ land,on August 19,1946, en route to be broken up. Famous flagship of Admiral Jellicoe at the battle of Jutland in 1916, the Iron Duke was later used for training purposes and was bombed in an air raid on Scapa in October 1939. Sec also illus. page 298. GERMAN POLICE on duty at the entrance to an Aldershot, Hants, intern­ment camp (below) for German P.O.W. Them­selves prisoners of war, they speak English fluently, and wear British battle-dress, but retain their Wehrmacht caps. Their duty is to keep a watchful eye on those leaving and entering the camp. PLASTIC COINS in de­nominations of one penny and a halfpenny are now issued to the British Occu­pation forces in Germany, cashable only at military stores and canteens. A War Office idea, the coins supplement the ordinary currency of low denomina­tions, and overcome the shortage of metal. Made not by the Royal Mint but by a private infirm Eng­land, they are stamped out in semi-liquid brown plas­tic material, hardened, and sent to Germany—to im­plement the two-told pur­pose "em erg ency ”currency. Photos, P.A.-R euler, R. Worth, Sport &Central, Plan ft News, G .P.U.
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