Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 20 No 10

A *Author o f “Singapore and After” o f which 10,000 copies have been sold LORD STRABOLGI’S X SEA POWER IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR Daily Express :“The best of all Lord Strabolgi’s books his arguments, criticisms and predictions are shrewdly reasoned, and are presented in an authoritative, factual narrative which forms a vivid short history of the war.” Daily Herald: “A clearly written narrative of the fiercest sea war in history.” 40 illustrations and 2 maps. 12/6 Author of“ C hina's Struggle with the Dictators" O.M. GREEN THE FOREIGNER IN CHINA Howard Spring: “Excellently told.” Bflwani Shanks: “Fascinating.” George bishop :“A lively and illuminat­ing narrative.” Western Mail: “An instructive and highly interesting survey.” With 17 illustrations. 15/- Exciting record o f esp ion age in Italy AGENT IN ITALY by K.S. From the ranks of the underground comes this exciting story of espienage, with the brat authentic and complete report on conditions to-day inside Italy. 12/6 Author o f “The Thin Blue Line” (joth thou .)CHARLES GRAVES SEVEN PILOTS Daily Telegraph: “The novel reflects the adventures and life of real flying nten, all of whom are withdrawn a keen eye for character.” Illustrated. 8/0 By the Polish Prime Minister and C -in-C Polish Forces GENERAL SIKORSKI’s MODERN WARFARE It underlines the vital part to be played in modern vgirt'axe by tanks and mechanised arms as decisive offensive weapons S/6 Author o f “The Submarine at War” “Tanks” etc. PROFESSOR A.M. LOW MUSKET TO MACHINE-GUN Sydney Carroll (Daily Sketch) :“A brilliantly thorough treatise practical and straightforward.’ Mercury :“An informative and in many respects, fascinating book.” With 13 illustrations. Sunday 9/6 X HUTCHINSON &Co. (Publishers) Ltd. THE WORLD'S LARGEST BOOK PUBLISHERS X
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