News Chronicle April 28th 1945

NEWS .CHRONIC aLE,S tu r day ,April 28.1945 FOR BETTER LETTERS Imperial VEG E TABLE SEED CAT A LOG U EON REQUEST RAYNES PARK, s.w.20. SATURDAY, APRIL ONE PENNY IMP E RIAL TYPE WRITER COM PAN V.t -LOT Ell Secret is out: Americans and Russians met at Torgau on Elbe at 4.20 p.m. Wednesday 'J'HEY have linked up. These words, flashed round the world last night, announced the conclusion of two of the greatest military marches in modern history. From the banks of the Volga the Red Army has battled 1,400 miles to the west from the beaches of Normandy the Americans have fought 700 miles to the east, and at Torgau on the Elbe, in the heart of the Reich, they have at last met. From London, from Moscow, from Washington the news was announced simultaneously. At 4.20 p.m. on Wednesday patrols m eton the following afternoon the link was firmly forged. Actually there were two points of contact—the first at Torgau the second 25 miles to the south-east at Groba, a suburb of Riesa. The three leaders issued messages. “This,” said President Truman, “is not the hour of final victory in Europe, but the hour draws near.” “Our task and our duty are to com­plete the destruction of the enemy,” said Marshal Stalin. “We meet in true and victorious comradeship,” declared Mr. Churchill. “Let us all march forward upon the foe.” OFFICER IN JEEP MADE CONTACT
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