Black and White Budget, No. 24, Vol. II, March 24th 1900

32 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET March 24,1900 TOMMY’S ANSWER TO FOREIGN CRITICS By WALTER RAGGE You say we’ve made a mess of it, you assay 'ow we ought “To ’ide our ’aughty ’eads in bitter shame.” Hut if you foreign parties knew the country where we fought, You wouldn’t be so ready with your blame, o be lookin’ for a ford which is flooded when you find it,o have to climb a rock with a thousand Boers behind it, To get a bullet through you and pretend you didn’t mind it, Well, that’s the sort o’ work we to’ad do. Chorus .Yes, that’s the sort o’ work we to’ad do, And we did it as I needn’t tell to you Did you think we funked or faltered ?Why, we ain’t so bloomin’ altered From the chaps as ’eld the field at Waterloo. You said as we were done for, ’cos they shut us up at first— “Ten thousand men in Ladysmith and more in Kimber-lee “An’ more again Min afeking”—but ’00 ’ad’as the worst Of the little game they’re playin’ with B.-P. ?To he sittin in the mud with the burstin’ shells about, To be drinkin drinks of water wot looks like bottled stout, To ’ave to stick to it for months though food was runnin’ out— Well, that’s the sort o’ work we to’ad do. Chorus .Yes, that’s the sort o’ work we to’ad do, And we’ve done it, yes, we’ve done it proper, too !Though they shelled us day and night, W<-’ave ’eld ’em off all right With the ’elp of certain gentlemen in blue. It’s ’ard for any general to save us from surprise, When ’alf the ’ills ain’t mentioned in his map When the guide wot lends the column is a Boer in disguise, As wants to run us straight into a trap. 'E’s got to fight a lot of beasts wot doesn’t play the game, But ’oists white flags an’ shoots us—but ’e mustn’t do the same ’E’s got to fight ’em fairly, and’e’s got to take the blame, And that’s the sort o’ work ’e ’as to do. Chorus .Yes, that’s the sort o’ work ’e ’as to do, Our general, ’e’s just as good as you I f met’e’s with a reverse, Why, you’d ’ave got it worse, And never pulled the blessed business through. You thought as we was beaten, so per’aps you’ll take it bad That we’re finishin’ our tidy little jobs. We ’aven’t got no generals? Just await bit, my lad, Did you ever ’ear of Kitchener and Bobs? You’ll find that French can march a bit, we’ll follow where ’e led, With Fightin’ Mac and one or two as ain’t exactly dead we’llAnd catch old Kruger safe and sound afore ’e’s out of bed, And that’s the sort o’ work we mean to do. Chorus .Yes, that’s the sort 0’ work we mean to do And if you think we’re not as good as you. You come and ’ave a try, And—just belore you die— You’ll own I’owas ’ve really told you true. (All iMus cal Rig hts Reserved .)Pr i n ted b they Black and White Pub l i hings Comp any, miL i ted ,at 33, B o u v k k ie Street a l oats L k b d ,Mans chester .Glasgow and dinE burgh a *»P v busked Weekly b y W . J .P.M o h c k t o n,at 63, FleetS t eek ,Lot v d o k .CE, .,England— craM h 34.1900. Nq. “ 6 ,’f«
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