Black and White Budget, No. 23, Vol. II, March 17th 1900

8 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET March 17,1900 Major C.K. Day, Oxford L.I. —Wounded, Paardeberg Lieu ten ant G.IT. D e a con is a prominent member of Colonel Brabant's Horse, which has just made its name familiar at Dordrecht. He was for sometime in the Cape Mounted Rifles, and afterwards led two expe­ditions to explore some ancient goldfields close to the Zambesi. During the early months of the present war he was engaged in the arduous and responsible task of buying remounts for the Imperial Government. He is a distinguished member of a distinguished corps. A vivid story is told by a correspondent o f the Daily Telegraph of a charge of the Gordons to recover some sangars which had been taken by the Boers from the Manchesters. It occurred in the attack on Ladysmith on January 6th: —“Forward the ‘Gay Gordons’ sprang over the rough, rocky ground, firing as they went, and losing men at every step. The Boers waited until they were almost within reach before breaking and running away. One Boer alone waited for the steel. He was quite a young man, and knelt coolly taking aim at Colour-Sergeant Pryce as the latter rushed forward with his bayonet. The sergeant and the Boer fired at the same instant, and each wounded the other. But the Gordon was able to keep his feet till he reached his foe then once, twice, the steel went home, and he fell unconscious across the prostrate body of Lieutenant I Iunt-Grubbe, who had-been lying a prisoner and uninjured among the Boers in the sangar. The dead Boer, the wounded sergeant and the ollicer inlay one heap, and lor the moment the soldiers thought all three of them were dead. Afterwards, when Pryce was carried away, it was found that he had been hit in thirteen places, but the only really serious wound, however, was that inflicted by the Boer whom he killed.” We publish this week a portrait of Sergeant Pryce. Lieut.-Col. A.M. Carthew-Yorstoun Black W atch—W ounded, Paardeburg General nerF chis called by his men “The Safety Valve.” “We all trust him ,”writes a member of the .CR.A.M .from the base hospital near Colesberg. The tide of generosity to the troops at the front must not be allowed to ebb as the war goes on. The first batch of presents must be now nearly exhausted. More people are wanted to emulate Mr. Y .V. Bowater, who is sending out to the C. I.V .’s 25,000 cigarettes and 1,500 tins of tobacco. It is not generally known that General French is the author of a standard work. This is the current Cavalry drill-book which was re-written by him after the com­plaints about the shortcomings of that arm of the service in the Berkshire manoeuvres of 1894. The book is something more than a mere drill-book :it contains valuable information, with hints on all points connected with cavalry— organisation, tactics and strategy, and is written in clear, vigorous English. P riv ate Copse y ,of the East Surrey Regiment, con­siders himself a lucky man. That he was not killed by the terrible wound he got is certainly an instance of the extraordinary escapes we mentioned last week. On January 21st he writes:“ I got a terrible smack in the nose. I thought I had been kicked by _a mule, but it was only a bullet, which went clean through the middle of my nose, through the roof of my mouth and roots of my tongue, and out at the back of my neck. It was about half-past five a.m .when I got hit, and it was seven at night when the stretcher took me off the field. 1 lost a lot of blood all this time. I expect to always have a still neck, but that’s better than being dead, so 1 must not grumble, therefor are thousands i worse off than I am .”Lieut. HG. .Deacon, of Brabant's Horse. (See below) Lieut.-Col. Hoskier, M ontmorency’ s Colour-Sergt. Pryce, of the Gordon s-M ajor-Gen. C.E .Knox o-W u n d ed Scouts Killed, Schoeman Farms Wounded, Ladysmith, January 6. Paardeberg (See ahnve)
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