Black and White Budget, No. 22, Vol. II, March 10th 1900

6 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET March io, 1900 I f a soldier’s letter is to be believed,.the Boers have were graciously handed to the Volunteers as they filed been again poisoning the water of wells, &c.At the out, by Lady Helen Stewart and Mrs. Martin, daughter beginning o f the campaign three Boers, supposed to be of the Lord Mayor, and were much appreciated, engaged in the dastardly work, were captured and shot -at least, so the report ran.T o avoid all risk, how- There are two Generals French, one of whom is the ever, a water drill brigade is accompanying the troops, now famous reliever ol Kimberley, and the- other the and at the various camping places holes will be bored, commander of the New South Wales forces in Australia, which will ensure a constant supply o f that cool and 'General “Kimberley ”French is a short and thick-set delightful water which is to be found some feet below man, whose words are few and far between. H e is (he surface o f the earth. One soldier at the Modder known as “Silent French ,”and commenced his career River complained that he had to drink “Boer broth,” with the 19th Hussars, which are now with Sir George many of the enem y’s dead having been fished out of the White in Ladysm ith. It was French who commanded river from which the drinking water was then obtained! at Jilan dslaagte, which the Boers themselves acknow -Sir Kenneth Matheson Major-General Macdonald TAKEN AT THE IN VERC1 IARRON' HIGHLAND GATHERING, 1S9 9 The 49th Company of the Ulster Imperial Yeomanry ledge to abe defeat, and he left Ladysm ith by the last is distinguished as being the first Company o f Volun- train and took up the command Cat olesberg. No one teers raised in the North o f Ireland. This Company, in England knew that he was at theM odder River till and 56th and 60th Company now forming, have been the famous march, raised within a month, and Belfast has the honour of being the only provincial locality that is supplying three A n error crept into these columns 011 February 24th, Companies o f Imperial Yeomanry for the present war. when we referred to Trooper G.R .Bradford as the At an entertainment, given by the Lord Mayor o f first Australian killed As a matter o f fact, he wis Belfast on February iotli, the Yeomen were addressed ihe first New Zealander killed, and he had not been by Lord Londonderry (lately Viceroy of Ireland) in a .1 New Zealander for more than five years. H e was patriotic speech, and were also presented by him with inborn Sussex, and before emigrating had served Cardigan jackets for each man. Kacli Yeoman was his iim<* 111 a regiment o f the Guards. I It* had been also presented with pocket-handkerchiefs and tobacco by a Sergeant-M ajor in the Volunteers Indore lie joined some o f the large Belfast firm s,and the welcome goods the contingent for the Irom
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