Black and White Budget, No. 22, Vol. II, March 10th 1900

March io, 1900 BLACK WAND l l lIE BUDGE T“All nations,” states a correspondent, “are repre­sented in the enem y’s ranks :Americans, English, Scotch, Irish, Swedes, Germ &c.ans, These are there lor the sake o f loot, and are the scum ot' the Cape.” One o f the returned omen f liie 2nd Dublin I'usiliers also says that our bitterest foes are the English ,Scotch, and Irishmen who were engaged in the enem y’s ranks. He states further that the real Boers behaved with much kindly consideration to the wounded. In this connection someone has explained that the small Boer losses given out after the big battles maybe t|uite correct, as the heaps o f Scottish and Irish slain are not counted !Some more wonderful cures from wounds have been reported. Corporal Thom s,o f the Worcester Mounted Infantry, was hit four times by a Boer near Arundel. greatcoat, cholera-belt, one day’s rations, bottle ot water, waterproof sheet and blanket, ihe whole weigh­ing something like 60 lb., and march in weather which is hot in the extreme, it must be admitted that the Highlanders accomplished a capital performance. It recalls a famous march of the Eight Brigade during the Peninsular War, when, to join Wellington Tat alavera, they marched sixty-tw o English miles in twenty-six hours, thirty during the night, and the remainder mostly under a scorching sun !They arrived on tlie day o f battle, and at once took their part in the conflict !Ac cor ding to a recent statement, it appears that the War Office has taken 1,058 o f the London General Omnibus horses to South Africa. The scarcity of suitable horses a t the seat o f war is becoming avery Released by Lord Roberts :Commandant Pretorius outside tlie IJoer Ward, Wynbcrg Hospital One bullet went near the heart, and another through the upper part o f the abdomen, but Sir William M acCorm ac says the patient only had a slight rise of temperature for three days. There are many soldiers who have survived after having a bullet through the Ahead. man named Neilson, Mat afeking, was hit in the temple by a bullet which immediately passed out at the other !He joined in a game of cricket ten days after and only complained of a headache. There are said to be thirty members o f the House of Lords in South Africa, mostly as Volunteers. Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener are the most notable, of course, while there are also the Duke of Marlborough, Earl of Dundonald, Lord De LaW arr, Duke o f West­ minster, and Lord R osslyn. There are, in addition, many Members o f Parliament, and quite a dozen of baronets. One o f the latter, Sir P. C.M ilbanke recently rescued a soldier under thrilling circumstances, and is said to be likely to get the Victoria Cross. The Highland Brigade, under General Hector M acdonald, made a splendid march of twenty miles in the operations which resulted in the surrounding of C ronje’s army. When it is remembered that a soldier has to carry 100 rounds o f ammunition, besides his serious matter, and the authorities are purchasing mounts in all parts o f the globe. Some ol the infantry are mounted on Burmese ponies, 110 higher than them en’s rifles !Shiploads of horses from South America and the United States have been purchased, but they all have to be broken in when they arrive in South Africa. The average price o f these, exclusive ol ship­ment, is less than ^Tio. A simple-minded soldier who was at the attack on Spearm an’s Farm thus philosophises on warfare:“ I think war to be very dangerous after the lot 1 went through 011 Saturday .”General H e c tor Mac donald ,who has been wounded while in commando f the Highland Brigade, first came under popular notice when commanding the Soudanese B rigad eat the battle o f O m durm an. The Dervishes made a determined rush at the native troops, and many anxious eyes watched to see if the latter would successfully stem the tide. Fortunately they did, and led by M acdonald they rolled back two o f the enem y’s great rushes from different quarters, and held their own without the assistance of the white troops which had been dispatched to their assistance. It was a great day forM acdonald “Fig h ting Mac.”
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