Black and White Budget, No. 21, Vol. II, March 3rd 1900

March 3,1900 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET 5 Theist Dragoons, which are with Sir Redvers Buller at Colenso, have suffered a slight reverse, Lieu­tenant Pilkington and six men being made prisoners in an engagement near Rustenburg. This is the regi­ment which the German Emperor feels interested in as Colonel-in-Chief, and it has had avery glorious history since its foundation in 1683. It was at the battle of Dettingen in 1743, when it captured a standard, and also at Waterloo, where it took the Eagle of the 105th French Regiment. It was also at Balaclava and Sebastopol, though not in either of the two famous charges at the former place. The present war has so clearly shown the impossi­bility of successful frontal attacks against a well- directed fire, that much consideration is being given to infantry shields by inventors. The War Office, how­ever, has just informed a correspondent that such are unsuited to the needs of our troops. What is required are smoke-shells which, tired by quick-liring guns and bursting over the enemy’s trenches, will make such a fog that our troops will be able to advance to bayonet touch without proving such an undesirable target for the enemy’s riflemen. Strange to say, the Chinese have long had smoke-balls, stink-pots, iK:c., which were employed against us in the. war of i<S57-(k). Their use often enabled the enemy to escape capture after a defeat. The Boers are said to have declared their determina­tion of crucifying the men of the Naval Brigade—when they get hold of them !Our seamen have done about as much damage as anybody so far, and the enemy know it. Jack plays all sorts of tricks, such as sighting his gun before a storm and pumping a dozen shots among the Boers at the height of the gale. Another ol his tricks is to remove the percussion-caps from a few shells and send them off to burst by a time-fuse. At first, when the shells did not burst on striking the ground, the Boers would gather round to examine it, and when the time-fuse ingot its little lot there was a disastrous explosion. Now, of course, they keep away from an unburst shell for hours. It is not much more than a week or two ago that Lieutenant Tait, the golf champion, sent home a per­sonal account of the engagement at Magersfontein, when he was shot through the leg while charging with the Black Watch. He had only just got better and returned to duty when he was shot at Koodoosberg. Before dying he exclaimed, “They have got meat last, boys. Good-bye!” The famous golfer, another officer, and four privates, were buried 011 ground overlooking the Reit River, General Hector Macdonald attending the funeral service. I f the ladies cannot shoulder arms for active warfare, they are, at any rate, making their presence felt in many other directions. For example, Miss Clarke, of North Cliffe, Filey, has presented, at a cost of ,£'500, a machine-gun and equipment to the 3rd Company Yorkshire Yeomanry. Then Miss Edith Walker, of Sydney, Australia, has given the sum of ,£.'10,000 to the War Fund while there are hundreds of other ladies, in all stations of life, who are plying needle and thread industriously for Thomas Atkins and the Empire. Lord siSal bury ,the Prime Minister, has already one son at Mafeking, and another, Viscount Cranborne, who commands the4th (Militia) Bedfordshire Regiment at Beggars’ Bush Barracks, Dublin, has also, with his battalion, volunteered for service in South Africa. Lord Salisbury’s half-brother, Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Lionel Cecil, is also 011 active service in Malta in com­mand of a Militia Battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers. Lord Cecil is over twenty years younger than the Marquess, whose father married twice and had a family by his second wife. I —r&te s - W ,ml P*f I M -•i'f (EcO I— ovF r*yjAM /v-i T C fiC L.a— _ "Every morning w e ride out in pour jay tomas the river Jot a lathe The Morning Tub: Bcnnet Burleigh ("Daily Telegraph ")and Rene Bull, Our Special Correspondent 1 From -sketch Rene Bull':
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