Black and White Budget, No. 21, Vol. II, March 3rd 1900

32 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET March 3,1900 POEMS FROM THE ANTIPODES FROM ACROSS THE SEAS. We, your brothers at a distance, Wonder that you show surprise At our welcoming assistance, To be linked by closer ties. 11. Think you we are dead ?or sleeping ?Or that we our duties shirk ?You may stay at home, house-keeping, We have but gone out to work. hi. Absence makes our hearts grow fonder !Home concerns make yours forget!! Think of us again—and ponder If we need be “strangers yet.” IV. We can claim the children’s right, to Share in all the Mother’s joys Use our little fists to fight, too, Just like English home-grown boys. v. For our work is seen wherever Britain's Rag has been unfurled Reigns the Queen through our endeavour, Empress over half the world. v i .„Though from home and you departed Wastes of Nature to subdue Persevering, stubborn-hearted, To the old traditions true. VII. Vhat we shall be, there’s no knowing What we are, the world can see. Chips? nay, rather strongly-growing Offshoots from the parent-tree. VIII. Once wo joined in celebration Of our Queen’s long, glorious reign I Jew, we gladly help our nation, Truth and Freedom to maintain. IX. Grasp cur hands—that we, delighted, Our true mission may fulfil And, by ties of race united, Make Great Britain greater still. x. Then, indeed, no matter whether Our world’s-work is but begun, We would fight—or die—together, So we make the Empire—One. •.nu^ry, 1900. Z.N. Thou of old didst nations shake— Bold Spain and France— Shall thy world-wide Empire quake For one mischance? Shall thine ancient courage break? Advance! Advance! hi. Thou needest not one victory’ Our love to enhance !The nations eye thee evilly, With looks askance— Thy sons from all the world to thee Advance! Advance! IV. Dear Mother of our hearts, we come !Though thou, perchance, Dost need us cannot, we be dumb, Or idly glance? Nay !at the rolling of the drum We too advance !Austral i .ADVANCE!s ADVANCE! England, in this hour of pain— Of change and chance— Fearless, charge the foe again, With sword' and lance. Though thou mourn thy warrior slain, Advance !Advance! THE LION’S WHELPS. There is scarlet on his forehead, There are scars across his face: ’Tis the bloody dew of battle, dripping down, dripping down But the war heart of the Lion Turns to iron in its place: When he halts to face disaster, when he turns to meet disgrace, Stung and keen and mettled with the life-blood of his own, Let the hunters ’ware who flout him, When he calls his whelps about him, When he sets the goal before him and he settles to the pace. Tricked and wounded! Are we beaten Though they hold our strength at play? We have faced these things aforetimes, long ago, long ago. From Sunlit Sydney Harbour, And ten thousand miles away, From the far Canadian forests to the sounds of Mil­ford Bay, They have answered, they have answered, and we know the answer riow. From the .Britains such as these Strewn across the world-wide seas, Comes the rally and the bugle note that makes us one to-day. Beaten !Let them come against us. We can meet them one and all. We have faced the World aforetimes, not in vain, not in vain. Twice ten thousand hearths be widowed, Twice ten thousand hearts may fall, aBut million voices answer: “We are ready for the call. And the sword we draw for Justice shall not see its sheath again, Nor our cannon cease to thunder, ’Till we break their strength asunder, And the Lion’s whelps are round him, and the old Flag overall.” Geo .Essex Evans. Toowoomba, Queensland, December 18th, 1899. I'U N T K D B V 1 HR I’ t.ACK AND WHITE PUBLISHING COMPANY, L lM KIT D ,AT 33, B oU V B RIBS T R B K T ALSO A T L S S O ,ManS C H K S T R R ,GLASGOW, a -.i> E bin i i i kom rand i'BLis iiB D Weekly b y W. J .P. Mom c k t o n,at 63, F bbl t S t r b b t ,Lon don,E .,En.C q w k nd.— craM h 3, iooq. No. “6,
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