Black and White Budget, No. 21, Vol. II, March 3rd 1900

2 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET March 3,1900 LANTERN PICTURES OF THE WAR TERMS FOR HIRE AND SALE. Hire of Lecture and Lantern Slides.— We supply a type-written Lecture illustrative of the most recent events of the war, with accompanying 60 slides fully explanatory thereof. The Price for Hire of Lecture and Slides is 35s. for the first night, and 20s. for every subsequent night. The time occupied in delivering the Lecture and showing the Slides is as near as possible 1 y2 hours. Hire of Slides only,— If individual Slides are required, without the Lecture, the price for hire is 5s. per dozen. Sale of Slides.— Single Slides, as per list, can be procured at a cost of is. per slide. Owing to the great demand for these slides, completion of orders cannot be guaranteed under four days from receipt, but every effort will be made to ensure prompti­tude. TERMS: Cash with order. Postage and packing extra. All communications to be addressed to Manager, Slide Department, “Black 6 White”r* Office, j j , Bouverie Street, London, E.C. LIST 0I LANTERN SLIDES ILLUSTRATING THE WAR. LIST No. 2. (All previous lists are now cancellctl )General Symons Sir Redvers Buller News from Mafeking A Well-planted Shell Armoured Train Field Artillery Crossing Klip River Cruisers Convoying Transports Dawn at Last Wan Recnen’s Pass Johannesburg GoldMines Prisoners on Racecourse, Pretoria President Kruger Preaching Lady Sarah Wilson at Mafeking Saving the Guns—Tugela Bluejackets Leaving Simon’s Town Charge of the 5th Lancers at Glencoe South African Light Horse Wounded Ofticers Leaving “Su­matra ”Special Service Squadron Scene at the War Office The Last Cartridge Boers Ileliographing Kruger takes his Pipe Everywhere Charge of the Gordons, Grobler’s Kloof Executive Council, Pretoria Trumpeter Shurlock up“Bringing the Guns” Troops Landing at Durban Dispatch Runner Overtaken Grey town Tugela Punt Battle of Farquhar’s Farm Sunday River Bridge Balloon and Armoured Train at Farquhar’s Farm Officers of Carbineers Ladysmith Camp (1) Colenso Bridge Below Tugela Perry Ladysmith and Environs Valley of Glencoe Armoured Train inAction Map—Round (ilencoe Map—Round Ladysmith Natal Manoeuvres, Ladysmith Xntal Royal Rifles Looking ior Bullet by X Rays Colenso Refugees—Ladysmith Station Map—round Kimberley M odder Bridge. View of Estcourt How Iniantry are Taken from Camp Wreck of Armoured Train, Chieveley Flignt from Colenso Sketch :Effect of Shell on Engine In Armoured Train Guns from “Powerful "Drilling In Armoured Train Waiting Battle of Ladysmith Boer Trenches, Modder Boers Blowup Railway, Estcourt Boer Prisoners and Wounded, Ladysmith BlockHouse, Orange River Town Hall, Ladysmith Line to Kimberley,Crossing Orange River Body being Taken for Burial, Ladysmith No. 10 Mountain Battery“ A Good Samaritan under Fire ’’“The men with the long knives were amongst us” Ladysmith Balloon Taken Along Streets Imperial Light Horse, Crossing Bridge, North of Estcourt Colonel Thorneycroft Wounded Men on “Sumatra” C Squadron, Thorneycroft’s In­fantry “The Chaplain Does his Duly ”General View Colenso Panorama, Estcourt Burgher Taking Leave of his‘‘ Vrow ”British Camp, Estcourt Colonel Baden-Powell and Lord Edward Cecil a Mafeking Ladysmith Camp (2) Naval Brigade mobilising at Ports­mouth 47-inch guns leaving Durban Kruger and his Bodyguard The C.I.V.’s Paul’s Cathe­dral Band of the 1st Suffolks on Board ss. “Scott” Battle of Estcourt Notice to Spies Maj 'r-General A.G. Wauchope BattleofColenso—Dublin Fusiliers trying to cross the Tugela Battle of Colenso Dead Heroes of the Battle of Colenso After the Battle of Magersfontein 94950697 9S 1117116'>5114'1311211111010910510799100101102103104>05106 iS 119120121122‘23124 i^5 126127 Colonel Cooper and Officers of Dublin Fusiliers Photo taken inside an outhouse at Modder River Battle of Magersfontein —High­landers surprised inclose order Canadian contingent leaving' Q uebec Departure of Pietermaritzburg Home Guards for the Front C Company Royal Canadian Rifles New Zealand Contingent Naval Brigade from H.M.S. “Tartar” Bennet Burleigh interviews Buller LandingTroopsat the Point,Durban C.I.V. on Board the “Garth Castle ”Durban Natal Volunteers for the Front Death of Colonel Scott-Chisholme at Elandslaagte Lady Minto Presenting Colours to Canadians Battle of Graspan General Lyttelton Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Warren Imperial Yeomanry Cheering the Prince at Albany Barracks Signalling to Ladysmith from Frere by Searchlight 12-pounder Naval Gun at Estcourt Rene Bull by Armoured Train Cyclist Scouts Crossing aDrift at Frere Panorama of the Battle of Lady- niith TI.e Faithful Terrier Guarding his Master’s Body at Graspan Headquarters, Mafeking: Bomb­proof Shelter liliect of Boer Shells: Drawing Room, Riesle’s Hotel, Mafeking Effect of Boer Shells: Private House Wrecked, Mafeking Effect of Boer Shells: Mr. Cohen’s House, Mafeking Refugees’ Camp, Durban Removing Wounded after Battle Rimington’s Scouts Reconnoitring 93 After the Battle of Magersfontein 128 In o rd erin git ie sufficient to quote number Dawn After the Battle—“ The Roll Call ”“Ah !If it were only ’81 again I”on list
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