The War Illustrated, No. 236, Vol. 10, July 5th 1946

Ylcmj, ‘ $)uc &6’ $nu-ade, d£on San’d a i tEnd TWO ABREAST ALONG THE HACKNEY ROAD, their crews standing stiffly to attention, rumbled famous invasion craft of D-Day and earlier campaigns—the Royal Navy DUKWs, a loudly cheered feature of the Victory Day parade. The word DUKW (“Duck ”for convenience) is made up. of the factory serial letters: forD the boat, U the lorry body, KW the lorry chassis. The Navy sent also amphibious jeeps, weasels, mobile wireless telegraphy units, aircraft refuellers anti mobile sickbays. See illus. page J63. J'h o 'or.A c.-'R u ls t 1 'riu u V he 1 ’ l'Slan.d a ud published every alternate F tk L iy l»y the Proprietors, The Am v lq a mat k d Press ,Ltd .,The FJectw ay Ilnu>p. K arrhigdon Street,iJLoodon, li.t.'.L lU^Metx-d ^orytrMiLsmissitjn b y Canadian Magazine Post. -Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :.Messrs. {.Jordon A G otoh, Ltd .and for South Afr ic a :Central "Keu- ‘Ace iic y .Lid.— J u ly 5,1940.S Editorial.S Address: john carp enter house ,white friars .lon don.e .c .4.
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