Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 19 No 9

Limited** and ordinary editions are notv ready of J c RUFUS ISAACS FIRST MARQUESS OF READING by his son, The MARQUESS OF READING, K.C. This volume covers the period between 1860 and 1914. It is the astounding career of a man who rose from ship's boy to Lord Chief Justice of England, Ambassador to Washington, Viceroy of India and Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. DeLuxe Edition limited to 500 copies, numbered and signed by the author 2 5 /-Ordinary Edition 1 5 /—Author of “Memoirs of a Fighting Life ”Lord Wedgewood’s TESTAMENT T O DEMO C RACY E d u a r d Shanks: "Avery sound and useful book.” Sunday Mercury: “The book is as entertaining as it is informative and thought provoking.” 8/6 A significant revelation of American military genius MAJOR-GENERAL J. C.F. Fuller’s TILE DECISIVE BAT LEST OF THE UNITED STATES Truth :“A close-knit study of the detail of its title, a running historical commentary certainly one of the best *documented’ books that have come off the press.” 1 8 /-Times Literary Supplement: COMER MENDED Hans Roger Madol’s THE LEAGUE OF LON DON Times Literary Supplement: “This book is of value not only for what has happened in the recent past but also for what should be done, in it is hoped a not too distant future .”17 illustrations. 10/6 A damning indictment of Nazi Atrocities in Russia Soviet Documents on Nazi Atrocities Revolting atrocities of the German authorities aganst Soviet prisoners of w a rand wounded, published by authority of Soviet IV ar New sand issued by the Press Department o f the Soviet Embassy in London. 200 original photographs. 5 /-Fore-word by the Lord Chancellor the Rt. Hon. The Viscount Sirnon America’s Economic Policy Important Statements and Speeches by THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA The Hon. HEN R YA. WALLACE The Hon. SUMNER WELLES The Hon. CORDELL HULL The Hon. MILO PERKINS The Hon. J.G. WIN ANT The Hon. PAUL H. APPLEBY The Hon. DEAN ACHESON X HUTCHINSON &Co. (Pub/t's/ier'0 Ltd THE WORLD’S LARGEST BOOK PUBLISHERS X
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