Navy List - January 1866

438 APPENDIX. By Order in Council of 9th July, 1SG 4, it is provided that Lieutenants who are either now on the Reserved or Retired List, or who may he in future Retired under the provisions of the Order in Council of August 1,18(30, and Lieutenants of Greenwich Hospital, will he allowed to assume the rank of Retired Commander on attaining fifteen years’ seniority, but without any increase of Half-pay or Widows’ Pension beyond that authorised by the Orders iu Council under which they were respectively retired. MASTERS RETIRED WITH TIIE RANK OF COMMANDER UNDER ORDER IN COUNCIL OF 13t h MAY, 1S1G .This List consists of 40 of the Senior Masters on the List, who have the option of receiving the Retired Rank of Commander, the first 20 at 12s. G (/.ada}', and the .cst at 10s. Gd. a day. Their widows are allowed pensions GO/,of a year, if otherwise entitled thereto. N.B.—By Order in Council of2Sth Feb. 1855, Masters at sixty years of age, who arc qualified for 1st Rates, are permitted to retire with tlie Rank of Commander, after 15 years’ service on Full Pay as Master but the amount of retirement will be fixed according to the Rate of Half Pay which they may have earned by service as Master. Masters above fifty-five years of age, and under sixty, who are totally disqualified by sickness or injuries contracted in the service, and rendered incapable of further service afloat, will bo allowed, at the discretion of their Lordships, to retire with the Rate of Half Pay which they may have earned, and with tho Rank of Commander, provided they have completed not less than 15 years’ service in the Rank of Master. MASTERS RETIRED WITH THE RANK OF CAPTAIN UNDER ORDER IN COUNCIL OF 2St ii FEB. 1855. By this Order in Council Masters are permitted to retire with the Rank of Captain after 20 years’ service on Full Pay in the Rank of Master, the amount ofRetirement being fixed according to the Rate of Half-Pay which they may have earned by service as Master. I.ON DON :PR IN TED 11V C.W LOW ANDES SONS, TAMS F DUO ST K H fcT C,AM) IIA IIIX C CI'.OSS.
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