Black and White Budget, No. 19, Vol. II, February 17th 1900

Feb. 17,1900 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET 7 1 Lieut. Alfred Hurt, 3rd Drag. Guards— Too smart for the lioers, Rcnsburg, Jan. 25 Major Arthur lorde Pilson, K. Dublin Fusiliers—With Colonel Plumer .FACES AND FACTS Lieut.-Col. R. 0 . liuchinan-Riddell, ^id K.R. R, Killed, Spion Kop, Jan. 24 Lieu ten ant Alfred Burt ,of the 3rd Dragoon Guards, was one too many for a party of Burghers near Rensburg on January 25th. He is General French’s remount officer, and on this occasion was nearly cutoff with his servant by twenty of the enemy. Instead of giving in, this gallant young officer actu­ally captured one of the enemy, a Free Stater, and ,brought him safely into camp. Lieutenant Burt is twenty-five years of age. Major Arthur Ford k P il son ,of the 1st Royal Dublin Fusiliers, is with Colonel Plumcr’s gallant little band that is harassing the enemy faraway north in the country of the Gaberones, and is making peri­odical excursions into (he Transvaal itself whereby it is laying up avast store of information which it is hoped will be useful in the near future. Major Pilson knows something about warfare in South Africa, and especially in the districts in which he is now engaged, ashe took part in quelling the native -rising which followed Doctor Jam eson’s raid. For his able services in this matter he was mentioned in dispatches. He is just the kind of officer wanted in South Africa. Lieu ten ant -Colonel Robert George cuB h a x Ran- id dell ,of the 3rd Battalion Kin g’s Royal Rille Corps, and Captain Gilbert Macdonald Stewart, of the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, were among those who fell in the stubborn attempt to hold Spion Kop on January 24th. Colonel Buchanan-Riddell was inborn 1S54, and entered the Army through the Militia a quarter of a century ago. He had fought the Boers before in 18S1 and was in Egypt in the following year, when he received the bronze star and a medal and clasp. He was also in the Soudan campaign of 1884. From 1890 to 1895 he was an Adjutant of Volun­teers. The command of the 3rd Battalion of the King’s Royal Rifle Corps was given to him in December, 1898. C a i t a i x Ste war thad not seen active service, having been stationed at Malta almost ever since he entered the army in 1893. He was inborn 1873, and obtained his company only last year. Among the members of the Imperial Light Horse killed in the inaction defence of Ladysmith, on January 6th, were Sergeant Arthur M. Robbins and Mr. W.E. Mocatta. Mr. Robbins, who was the only son of Colonel Robbins, .CR.A.M .,was twenty-two years of age. He was educated at Westward Ho !College, North Devon, the celebrated seminary of“ Stalky and Company,” and joined the Imperial Light Horse in Pietermaritzburg. He also served for two years in the Cape Mounted Rifles. M r .Ernest W.M o catt a was the youngest son of Major-General I). Mocatta, late Bengal Staff Corps. He was in his twenty-eighth year, and was educated at Sedbergh School and at the Oxford Military College, Cowley. He had been four years in Durban, and was holding a good civil position when the war broke out, but he immediately threw in his lot with the gallant Colonial Corps. He was present at Elandslaagte. Serg. A.M. Robbins, I.L .H .—Killed, W.E. Mocatta, I.L.H .-Killed, Lady- Capt. G.M. Stewart, and Lancs Fiu. Ladysmith. Jan. 6 smith, Jan. 6 —Killed, Spion Kop, Jan. 24
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