Black and White Budget, No. 19, Vol. II, February 17th 1900

Feb. 17,1900 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET 5 Tin-: fact that the ammunition of our troops assaulting Spion Kop gave out at onetime and allowed the enemy to come up to the point of the bayonet recalls an exploit of the 1st Wiltshire Regiment. When de:ending the \Castle of Carrickiergus against the French in 1760, j their ammunition gave out, so theW illshires forthwith I tore the buttons oft' their uniforms and used themas bullets. For this deed they are now allowed to wear a splash on their buttons to commemorate the event. I t is safe to say that every other man met within Cape Colony is a friend of the enemy. The recent! captain of the transport Golcottda, taking the 3rd West Kent Regiment to’ lalta, shot himself when his ship arrived at its destination. O f .il the great fleet ot transports only two have b cv. 1 wrecked. Quite a thrill of pleasure ran through the public mind 011 reading that forty of the Highland Brigade at Magersfontein, reported killed and buried by the enemy, are after all prisoners at Pretoria. At the War Office, of course, there will be several entries to renew. There was once a British soldier reported killed and crossed off the books, when it was found to be wrong. So the Dr. Leyds, Transvaal Representative in Europe, and hi dastardly discharge of buckshot at a passing train full of British soldiers resulted in the death of one Tommy. The railway, in addition, is constantly being damaged. It is comparatively easy for even a solitary horseman to remove a few bolts and fish-plates at night, and perhaps upset a train-load of soldiers or material. K ruger’s gold has not been distributed for nothing. A statement has been made that any captain of a transport could win ^10,000 or more by agreeing to wreck his vessel. One captain is said to have accepted a first instalment of the money, and then to have resigned the command of his vessel and quietly dis­appeared. Just recently, it will be remembered, the Dr. I.eyds Secretary. Taken at his rcoms at the Rue Scribe, I’.iris clerk made the entry, “Died by mistake.” Eventually, however, the man died in tue hospital, so afresh entry was made, viz.,“ Re-died by order.” One of the war correspondents tells a funny piece of news concerning the Boers around Ladysmith. In one of the camps men were being taught bayonet exercise with British Lee-.Metfords captured at Dundee and else­where !The instructor was a captured sergeant of the Irish Fusiliers, who was giving his services under com­pulsion, needless to say. The spectacle of a sedate and undisciplined Dopper making a ferocious lunge at an imaginary enemy is enough to make a mute die of laughter!
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