Black and White Budget, No. 19, Vol. II, February 17th 1900

5=3 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET Feb. i 7,1900 HERON MAJESTY’S SERVICE T iie e’s a lad upright and stalwart, no longer to be seen About in town and country, in the uniform of the Queen :The barrack squares are empty, the drill-sergeant’s voice is dumb— lies gone t:on Her M ajesty’s Service,” to the sound of fife and drum! Yes, he’s gone Her“on M ajesty’s Service,” Without any sort of And Her Majesty says “God bless him,” And so say all of us! He maybe a grizzled colonel, or a private— nothing more:No matter, he’ll do his duty, he’s done it oft before :His wife and children ’11 miss him, whichever he is, I know But he’s gone Her“on M ajesty’s Service,” and glad enough, too, togo. Yes, he’s gone Her“on M ajesty’s Service,” Where fighting’s to be done And his country says “God bless him,” For he’s his country’s son! Countryman, Cockney, Colonial, Highlandman, Fusilier— Wherever he happens to hail from, he’ll do his best, no fear. There’s many a heart that’s aching, in village and in town, Now he’s changed his coat of scarlet for a suit of khaki brown !But he’s gone Her“on M ajesty’s Service,” T o guard her Empire’s fame And they all will pray “God bless him,” And we will say the same !Cavalry or Artillery, Infantry or Marine— It matters not which his name is, for all of them serve one Ouccn! He heard his country call him, and answered straight and true, So he’s gone Her“on M ajesty’s Service,” and gone with a God-speed too! Yes, he’s gone Her“on M ajesty’s Service,” lie’s showing his true side thus, And Her Majesty says “God bless him!” And so say all of us !Cl if ton Bin g h a m.(All Musical Rights Reserved.) N.B .—Permission io recite the above poem must be obtained jrorn the Editor 0/ Black and Wii it e Bud get ,3/, Bouverie Street, .CE .,and envelopes containing requests Jo r permission should bear in the lejt- hand top corner the word ‘:Recitation. ”Pr in ted nv the Black and White Publishing Company, Limited, a t 33, B o u verieSt r f ate is oat Leeds, Man chester, G lasg o wand dinE burg hand Published Weekly by W. J . 1 *.M onckton, a t 63, Fleet Street ,London, E.C., E n land .—F rube a ry 17. iqoo.
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