The Illustrated War News, Part 21, December 30th 1914

THE ILLUSTRATED WAR NEWS, DEC. 30,1914.— IV The Most Economical Food for yoyr Baby is either Breast Milk or Glaxo J lw a r Jed Gold u\C edalt J liter national STiCcdical Congress Exhibition, 1913 .By Appointment to the Court o f Spain. Builds Bonnie Babies Glaxo is A ll-B ritish GLAXO BABY BOOK FREE :TRIAL TIN 3d. Sent on request by GLAXO. 47R. KING 'SR ST.D PAN ARC S.N .W. _____ _ ______ Before you buy a Feeder— ask your Chemist to show you the GLAXO FEEDER Pure, easily digestible milk is the only food suitable for a young baby, and contains everything baby needs. That is why, if Baby cannot have breast milk, hem usl have Glaxo, which is milk enriched with extra cream made pure and easily digestible. It costs you abut trifle more than ordinary milk, and is not only the one safe alternative for breast-milk, but is also more economical than foods which have to be mixed with milk to make them nourishing. Glaxo can be given either in turn with breast-milk or as the sole food from birth. Breast milk does not contain Starch, Flour, Malt or Sugar,Cane neither does Qlaxo. Glaxo is entirely pure, fresh milk, enriched with extra cream and milk-sugar. Only the very best milk is made into Glaxo, and, so that it shall be quite fresh, the milk is delivered to the Glaxo factory within a few hours of its being drawn from the cow, and is* immediately pasteurised and filtered and the necessary cream and milk-sugar added. All the natural sweetness and purity are permanently retained by the Glaxo Process, which dries the milk and cream to a powder and also causes the nourishing curd of the milk subsequently to form into light, flaky particles easily digested by even avery weak baby. A s a well-known doctor has said :“Glaxo is superior to (ordinary) cow's milk for infants, being so much more digestible, and should be absolutely invaluable to mothers who for any reason cannot suckle their infants." (Signed.---- M.R .C.S .,L.R .C .P.In preparing G laxo—you simply add boiling water. N o cooking no elaborate mixing no risk of making a serious mistake no delay— so that baby does not become angry and screaming with increasing hunger. Milk or cream is not required, because Glaxo itself is milk and cream, so there is no heavy milk bill to pay. Ask your Doctor!
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