Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 18 No 11

FRENCH NORTH AFRICA LANDINGS rCP.T OF EONE Bone was occupied by U.S. lorces on 13th November. It was the most easterly of the U.S. landings. PH1L1P1 EV1LLE HAREOUR Scene of one of the first U.S. landings. Philippeville lies about halfway between Algiers and Bizerta. REAR-ADMIRAL H. K. HEWITT AIR-.MAKSHAL SIR W. I WELSH U.S. battle fleet commander at Commander of the R.A.l'. in the Casablanca where a Vichy fleet was operations covering troop move- destroyed. ments in North Alrica. MAJOR-GENERAL W.M. CLARK The youngest General in the United States Army, second in command to General Eisenhower. Tunis, one of the two main objectives of the U.S. and British forces pushing eastward from Algeria. .242] VIEW OF B1ZLRTA The principal port ol Tunisia, Bizerta with its fine harbour and airfield dominates the Western Mediterranean.
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