Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 18 No 4

HUTCH UN SON S’s Important A WAR BOOKS Author o f “By Guess and by God” (20th thousand) WILLIAM GUY CASK’S OUT OF THE MIST The story of the Royal Naval Air Service and the Harwich flotillas in 1917-1918, when the ships of men struggled to fight and beat the foe forever lurking behind the mists of the North Sea. 21 illustrations. 10s. 6d. Our epic campaign in Abyssinia THE FALL OF ITALIAN EAST AFRICA b y ERIC ROSENTHAL The Times :Recommended. all‘An too short book which tells in a most interesting manner, of the capture of the Italian East African Colonial Empire.’ The photographs are admirable 32 illustrations. 7s. Sd. 'Must be read ’.—DAILY SKETCH CHARLES de GAULLE by PHILIPPE BAR RES The Times :Recommended. 'M. Philippe Barres has done his werk well aid the public at large will be most grateful to him.' 9s. 6d. Sequel to ‘The Thin Blue Line'. jot/i thousand THE AVENGERS bj CHARLES GRAVES Daily Telegraph :Magnificent, breath-taking experiences are brilliantly recorded.' 17 authentic photographs. 7s. Ud. ‘Exceedingly interesing’.— The Times MACHINE WARFARE bj Maj.-Gen. J. C.F. FULLER News Chronic le: ’General Fuller has condensed in telling detail the informative and stimulating findings of this unorthodox but brilliant mind.' The Times :’Exceedingly interesting.' 8s. 6d Notv in its tooth thousand! WITH A SOVIET UNIT THROUGH THE NAZI LINES The Times :Recommended. M.I. Maisky (Soviet Ambassador) 'writes: A tale of hacocs whSak will undoubtedly rank as one #f the masterpieces of literature in this war.’ A M royalties will togo the SOVIET RED CROSS. 24 dramatic photographs. 2s. 6d Superbly illustrated record RUSSIA AT WAR by MARGARET BOURKE-WHITE and ERSKINE C A LD WELL James Agate (Daily Express ):'Magnificent collection of photographs with first-class letterpress. I recommend.’ 78 photographs. Cs. The Story o f theN avy's Air Arm 35R ARCHIBALD HURD’ ’ X BRITANNIA HAS WINGS The author of The Battle of the Seas (40th thousand) has written‘ a timely survey of the vast task of the British Navy in the war.’— Sunday Mercury. Recommended.—Sunday Times. 41 illustrations. 5s. HUTCHINSON THE WORLD’S LARGEST BOOK PUBLISHERS X
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