Supplement to The London Gazette October 8th 1854

'V:V £^.V %VS :-'.V •*V "-=•‘^--,-~l'--?-'>->>«•‘*i. 'C v’-»T --#>¦>¦'—•••-.:.-V-'•.•¦. 4y- -:>-^-"hp S T 3057 were mostly corroborated, and I consider reliance maybe placed bison information generally, con­sidering the means his station in life afforded of enabling him to obtain it. At the request of Lord Raglan I have sent him onshore to act as a guide to the Army on their approach to the envi­rons of Sevastopol. 3. The Allied Armies moved this afternoon to uptake a position to the south of the port of Sevastopol, and the fleet will move so as to meet their arrival there. I have, &c., J. W. D. DUNDAS, Vice-Admiral. To the Secretary o f the Admiralty. Published by Francis M°G e d y ,Editor, Manager, and Publisher, of No. 33, Keppel Street, Russell Square, in the Parish of St. George St.and Giles’, Bloomsbury, at No. 45, St. Martin’s Lane, in the Parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, hoth in the County of Middlesex. Printed by Thomas Richard Harrison and Tho mas Harrison ,Printers, at their Office, No, 45, St. Martin’s Lane, in the Parish and County aforesaid. Sunday, October 8,1854. Price FourPence. V -mm f ¦ 1 Ill liters §§1§S|| m-in- m 1|: §|8iJ§jjg' S llC lS ®¦-III®® B IBSIS SllSSI S B SfflS --,¦•:¦¦•.-¦¦¦-.•-¦..¦¦-.¦::~--^mg g m s*m -&§£&&&&&&&-/.*-1 g 1 H I IS..........................................»i«S g 5!!3 K *-.........¦:'&mk m mm
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