Supplement to The London Gazette October 8th 1854

SUPPLEMENT TO The London Gazette EXTRAORDINARY Of SUNDAY the 8th of OCTOBER. Publtsljcii fig &ut))orftg. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8,1854. Admiralty, October 8,1854. THE Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have this day received Despatches from Vice- Admiral Dundas, containing intelligence as to the proceedings of Her Majesty’s Fleet in the Black Sea, of which the following are copies :—Attack oft heR u s sian Entrenchments ont heAl m a b they Allied Armies .No. 485. Britannia, off the Alma, Sir ,September 21,1854. IN my letter of the 18th instant (No. 480), I reported to you, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that the Allied Armies were ready to move, and I now beg you will acquaint their Lordships that, on the morning of the 19tli, they marched to a position about two miles north of the Alma River, where they halted for the night the French and Turks oil the right, close to the sea, and the English to the left, about four miles inland. The Russians, with some 5,000 or 6,000 cavalry and artillery, and 15,000 infantry, made a demonstration north of the river, but returned on the approach of the armies, and recrossed the river at sunset. About noon, on the 20th, the Allies advanced in the same order to force the Russian position and entrenchments south of the Alma. This was effected by 4 o’clock, the Russians retreating apparently to the eastward of the main road to Sevastopol. The Russian left fell back before the French very rapidly, and their batteries on the right were carried by the bayonet by the English. Our loss has necessarily been severe, and is estimated at about 1200 killed and wounded that of the French about 900. The Russian loss has also been great, two general officers and 3 guns were captured by our men, but we have few prisoners beyond the wounded, in consequence it is believed of our defi­ciency of cavalry. Lieutenant Derriman, of the Caradoc accom­panied the Staff of General Lord Raglan, during the action and I also sent Lieutenant Glynn of this ship to convey any message tome from his lordship. All the medical officers of the fleet (excepting one in each ship), 6(0 seamen and marines, and all the boats have been assisting the wounded, and conveying them to the transports, that will sail for the Bosphorus as soon as possible. I believe it is the intention of the Allied Forces to move to-morrow, and the Sampson which I detached last night with the Terrible off Sevasto­pol, has signalized that the Russians were retreat­ing on Sevastopol, and that they have burnt the villages on the Katscha. I have, &c., (Signed) J. W. D. DUNDAS, Vice-Admiral. The Secretary of the Admiralty. Movement sop the Fleet sand Armies .No. 487. Britannia, off the Katscha, Sir, Sept. 23,1854. I BEG you will inform the Lords Commission­ers of the Admiralty, that since my letter to you of the 21st instant (No. 485), the men and boats of the fleet have been employed in bringing from the field (about four miles distant), and carrying
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