Black and White Budget, No. 18, Vol. II, February 10th 1900

Feb.* 10,1900 BLACK And (It can be truly said of the Transvaal that they made no attempt to conceal their war preparations. Here is an extract from a newspaper report published in February, 1898, which reads very interesting now :—1 “The Transvaal Government is mounting guns and conveying cartridges, shells, Maxims, and rifles to Johannesburg in an offensive and ostentatious manner. During the past few days eight railway truck-loads of war materials have been paraded through the streets of Johannesburg to the fort, with a detachment of State Artillery in charge.” And England stood bv and said“ nuffing !'”Both Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener are great advocates of army temperance, and it is said that there are also 5,000 of our troops in South Africa who are members of the Army Temperance Association. Lord Roberts specially advocated temperance when he was in India, and a great majority of the soldiers there were abstainers. When Kitchener was in Egypt in 1898, some Geeek merchants broke the regulations by running through a large consignment of liquors along the Berber-Suakim route. The Sirdar ordered the confisca­tion of the liquor and caused it to be poured into the j sands !We are afraid that some of the Tommies did not seethe humour of it, anyhow. There is nothing alike little gentle amusement to upkeep the spirits of wounded men. “Now, tell me what I can do, doctor,” said a willing but ignorant lady who wanted to help in the nursing at the CapeTown Hospital. “You should have learned that before you came,” replied the doctor “do anything that wants doing.” The lady fixed upon a wounded soldier. “Now won’t you let me wash your face ?’’she asked. The hero turned in his bed. “All right, miss, if you can ’urry up,” he said.“ I’ve ’ad my face washed sixteen times since breakfast, and there’s two more ladies I ’ve promised. But I dessav I can get me snooze in before tea.” The same yarn went the rounds at the WHITE BUDGET 5 time of the Spanish-American War, the place beim> then Havana. Anyway, it’s a good story. A c cor ding to Dr. H aig Brown, the former head­master of Charterhouse, M afeking’s hero, was known among his schoolfellows by the nickname of “Bathing Towel.” This helps to solve the vexed question as to how the“ a ”in Baden is pronounced. Two days before he left England Colonel Baden-Powell, when visiting Dr. H aig Brown, made the characteristic “remark: I hope they will give me a warm corner.” ,As the Doctor says :“His wish was tully gratified, for certainly no man has had a warmer corner in the present campaign than the heroic defender of Mafe­ king.” Another good story of a sentimental Boer is told ab\ lance-corporal in the Kin g’s Royal Rilles. It hap­pened at the storming of Glencoe. The writer had got separated from his companions, and had twisted his ankle over a stone. “An old fellow with a beard afoot long” was just firing to put him out of his misery when, to continue in his own words :—“All of a sudden up springs in front of him a young fellow and says something to him in their lingo, and the old fellow only scowls meat and then turns round and goes off somewhere else to fight. Then the young chap helps me up, and as the fall and a bulletin my foot had taken it all out of heme, props me up against a rock and gives me some water. Then he says tome in very bad English:‘ I save your life. Do you know ?’1 nodded. Then he says :*You know why I saved your ’life? I shook my head. Then he says :‘Because you are like my brother !’Then he gives me a cigar and carries me on his back down the hill whereto our camp lay, and when we got to the bottom he put me down and: 1 They find you here all right! ’Then he gives me another cigar, shakes my hand, and bolts. I was picked up by a patrol an hour or so afterwards, and have been in hospital ever since.” MMf Escaocd !Arrival of Mr. WitVtfGn Churchill at Durban iron! Pretoria
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