Black and White Budget, No. 18, Vol. II, February 10th 1900

32 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET F e, 1900 TRAITOR !“Among’ the enemy were some renegade British subjects.” T iie r F .be sons that fight for England’s right— There be Boers staunch to die, But thou dost wield 011 the bloody field The sword of Infamy! I scorn not him from beyond the Vaal (Honour to honest foe !),But thee 1 mourn with an endless scorn— Thou art damn’d in every blow. “Thou hast been no stranger within my gates,” Quoth thy land, “but child of mine, There is but one name for thy deathless shame— And, traitor, that is thine !”—Daily Paper. There be those that pray for the brave this day Who rush towards the tomb But who shall dare to offer prayer For Judas in his doom? There be graves for friend and enemy In earth’s kind breast, we know But where shall we lay this traitorous clay That was neither friend nor foe ?There be honoured graves for honoured dead Who knew no treacheries But the Potter’s Field thy bones must shield, Thou hast no place with these !Austral is VOLUNTEERS TO THE FRONT! Lo! a sound of martial music, lo !the tramp of march­ing feet, And a sea of eager faces ebbs and Hows along the street For a moment every breath is hush’d, and then a storm of cheers Breaks from Britain’s myriad citizens for British Volunteers. Godspeed you, gallant Volunteers, God save you to! the end, From pestilence, from fire and sword, may His armstrong defend God keep you in His charge alway upon the salt seas foam— God prosper you, God guide you—may He bring you safely home. They have heard the call of Duty, and they hasten to obey, For they love the land that bore them—’tis her vision leads the way :What though all the world’s against her, they, her. sons, are for her still, And they gladly march to love’s great test—those soldiers of the will. Godspeed you, gallant Volunteers, God keep you in the fray, The prayer is rising, tim’d by tears, from Britain's heart to-day A happy grief doth hold us that you thus do show the .world London’s Honour, Love, and Duty, ’neath the Union Jack unfurl’d. From the Noith and from the South they come, from the East and from the West, Leaving home’s delights to follow Freedom’s terrible behest :And they reck not of their lives and limbs, they are offer­ing their all On the altar stone of Liberty, whatever may befall. Godspeed you, gallant Volunteers, God save you to the end, From pestilence, from fire, from sword, may His armstrong defend, God keep you in His charge alw ay upon the salt sea’s foam— God prosper you, God guide you—may He bring you safely home. F. A.H o are .Printed by the Black and White Publishing Company, Limited, a t 33. Bouvhrie Street ,London. C.E and a t L efd s b y G oopalj. and Svddick anp Published Weekly by W. J. P.M onckton, a t 63, Fleet Street ,London, E.C., England— Febrvaky 10,1900
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