Black and White Budget, No. 17, Vol. II, February 3rd 1900

32 BLACK AND li HITE BUDGET \'E$. 3,19^0 THE SONG OF THE SHELLS First hear the Common Shell—“ My force alone Can sweep the fortress, shatter the piled stone. Send tome where your enemy may mass, 'Upon the plain orin some mountain pass, Send me but swift enough, and 1 shall breach Nature’s own citadels,, and surely reach The hidden foe—aye, he shall hear his knell Screamed by the voices of the Common Shell.” We three! We three! Grim Trinity! The Common and Shrapnel and Lyddite Shell Like the bow on the rain, •To the mount from the plain, Shriek over the blue, Terrible, true, With our summons to heaven or hell. _ “ I am the Shrapnel Shell, Bellona’s breath, The sudden, hurtling’ messenger of Death. The scythe of Time, the shears of Atropos Where low, dim earthworks wind, 1 sweep across And, bursting, ere 1 reach them, low in air Scour forward to surprise the grey ants there, And sow my far-flung, livid, leaden Ingrain a red reek of spattered blood and brain.” We three !We three !Grim Trinity !The Common and Shrapnel and Lyddite Shell. aLike meteor’s flight On the fringe of the night, Shriek over the blue, •Terrible, true, With bur summons to heaven or hell. “Hear !theme Lyddite Shell. Begot am 1 From the dark crucibles of alchemy, Where men sought Life’s Elixir in the past They’ve found my blasting thunder-bolt at last. ’Tis at my utterance old Chaos wakes And rubs his eyes, and rears aloft, and takes His troubled way along this bleeding ball To see a Kingdom’s writing on the wall.” We three !We three !Grim Trinity !The Common, the Shrapnel, the Lyddite Shell, From the plain to the hill At a Nation’s will, Shriek over the blue, Terrible, true, With our summons to heaven or hell. E. P.Pr i n ted b they Black and White Pub l i hings Comp any ,Limited ,at 33, B o u v erie Street and Pub l i shed Weekly by W .J. P .Mon c k t o n,at 63, Fleet Street ,Lon don,E .C .,England.— F e b r u a r y 3,1900.
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