Black and White Budget, No. 16, Vol. II, January 27th 1900

6 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGEI Jan .27,1900 A l lour war news comes to us now via Aden, where the most severe censorship takes place. It is said that the authorities there have ordered copies o fall English newspapers to be sent to them, with a view o f picking out how far the telegrams published differ from those that are allowed togo through. The result should be published as a State paper. It would throw an interest­ing ligh ton the news manufacturers o four more sensa­tional papers. It is a little curious to note how soon history repeats itself. At the Battle of Enslin, Major Plum be, of the Marine Infantry, was mortally wounded ashe was leading his men to the charge. “Forward, men !”he cried, “never mind me.” In the A tbara en gagem en tin the Soudan in 1898, Captain Urquhart, o f the Cam erons, was mortally wounded in the stomach, but he shouted to his men, “Never mind me, my glads o 1 on, F Company.” Mr. Kruger at forty-two years of age. The coming terror The Corps of Gentlemen which is being formed as part of the Imperial Yeomanry will abe unique regi­ment. Each member is not only going to pay his own expenses all through, but also contribute his pay as a trooper to the War Fund !There are to be four com­panies o f n o officers and men each. During the Spanish-Am erican War a similar corps was raised in New York ,and called the “Dandy Fifth .”Though the American papers made fun o fit, and wished to know how many valets to each trooper there would be,the regiment rendered a good account o f itself in Cuba. The Highlanders arc going to avenge the death of W’auchope in the best blood of the Boers. When the man in kilts takes his oath o f revenge, it is a bad day for the enemy. One of the regiments that suffered it M agersfontein is the 2nd Seaforth Highlanders. To this regiment, during the Indian Mutiny, fell the duty o f removing from the well at Cawnpore the mutilated remains o f the women and children murdered by Nana Sahib. Among the victims was Miss Wheeler, the daughter o f Sir Hugh Wheeler, and the sight so enraged the Scots that they cutoff her hair, and each man, counting his portion, vowed to kill a rebel for every hair. They did it, too !Since Christmas the failure of the paper supply has sadly interfered with the publication of theM afeking M a il, which till then was issued daily. Now it is only published 011 alternate days on buff wrappers. History repeats itself. During the siege o f Metz a paper came out regularly till the white paper was used up, and afterw ards appeared on pink sheets kept in stock for printing play-bills. It is said that old Frenchmen who went through the siege cannot bear this today see a copy of The Star, on account of the memories it evokes. W e receive many letters every week expressing approval (and the reverse) of Black and White Bud get? but few have given sous much pleasure as the follow­ing. It refers to the picture last week showing the almost invisible enemy in the trenches at Modder River, and is as follows :—“January 16,1900. “Dear Sir,— I have took the pleauser of finding the eight Boers, I wish you and your comrades are all well I liope Mr. Methuen you will kill the Boers, 1 hope you will soon recover from the hospital and 1 give m lovey to you and your comrades, I am your sincere friend,<( _ _ _ “ I am leaven years o f age.”
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