Black and White Budget, No. 16, Vol. II, January 27th 1900

BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET Jan .27,1900 IMPORTANT! With Black and White for January 27th is presented a beautiful Souvenir of (lit* City o f London Volunteers, entitled “The C ity’s Roll of H onour.” It is printed in colours and gold, and is the handsomest souvenir ever presented with any illustrated paper. Readers who are Volunteers, or who have friends who are Volunteers, will be delighted with it and it may also be interesting to know that arrangements are being made to supply in the immediate future special copies suitable for framing. When these special copies are ready, the price, including that o f postage, will be announced here.In connection with Black and White and Black and White Bud get a Lantern Slide Department has been created, which is now in a position to supply, at reasonable notice, lantern slides o f any of the special War Pictures included in either o f these publications. Those of our readers who desire to obtain slides of any o f these pictures may obtain full particulars, terms, &c.,on written applica­tion to the “Manager, Lantern Slide Department, Black and White OlTices, 34, Bouverie Street, London, .CE .”The numbers of Black and White Bud get ,from No. 1 to No. 14 inclusive, are now being reprinted— so heavy has been the demand for them. All comm uni­ cations regarding them should be directed to “The Publisher, Black and White Bud get ,63 ,Fleet Street, London, .CE .,”and not to “The Editor.” -------???----------------An announcement will be shortly made regarding the Special Covers for Binding Black and White Bud get. A special design is being prepared, which will undoubtedly appeal to everyone o four readers. the portraits in this Budget are by as follow*:— Maior Edwards, l ’assano: Lieut. Colonel 1 lick-Cunvngham, Harnett Colonel Hannay. Lafayette Maj.-General Sir F. Carrinston, Elliott and Fry Sergt. O'Connell, Arthur Weston Sergl. Sharp, R. Davidson. All the pictures are by Our Special Correspondents with the exception of the following :Howitzer Battery, Cribb Officers of theist Sufifolk.s, Elliott and Fry the Lord Mayor leaving the Guildhall, Thomas.
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