The War Illustrated No. 226, Vol. 9, February 15th 1946

Mk a h i W j o A A i &M&k e A A e d i o A the, 9 c),<m WITHe SPEARS AND SHIELDS FASHIONED FROM DERELICT AIRCRAFT PARTS selected from a salvage dump, Askari warriors from two Kenya battalions of the I Ith East African Division—which fought so magnificently in the East African and Burmese campaigns—recently assembled for a great tribal dance, one of the most spectacular of post-War days. Among those taking part in this picturesque blend of old tradition and modern warfare were members of the Nandi, W akam ba and Jalua tribes. See also i 1 1 us. page 22 and 619, Vol. 7. l'hoto, British Officiul t’rlnted in England and published every alternate Friday by the Proprietors, Tiik Amalgamated Piikss, Ltd., The Flecfcvay House, Farrinmlon Street, London, E.0 .4. ItCKtetcrcd for transmission by Canadian Magazine Post. 'Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon ifc Go tell, Ltd .and for South Africa: lentral News Agency, Ltd. February 15,1040.‘ S.S Editorial A ddrett: john carp enter house ,white friars. uondon .ce, .4.
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