The Regiment, March 26th 1898

THE REGIMENT. M a r c h 26, 189S. Medal Sale & Exchange Notices. Wanted Chitral, Waziristau, W est African, Tcaki, Dongola.— 27, Sycamore Road, Handsworth, Staffordshire. N aval and military medals wanted, private collection.— Irwin, WoodviUe Road. Bowden, Cheshire. Wanted for cash or •xchange, good prices given. Meeance to Arm y or N avy. N .Z ., 1847, 1865 : N avy. N .Z ., 1845-47. 1S60-61, 1860-63, 1863-64, i860, 1861-63. 1861-64, 1861-65. *86i t 1863. Crimea, 3 clasps to R .M . Waterloo medals, also Peninsular ad kinds. Good naval medals.— W. E . Gray, 2, Hut land Park, Sheffield. Pensioner’s medals bought by collector, or collections purchased. High prices given for several medals belonging to one man. £ 2 0 to £ 5 0 and more for Victoria Cross and other medals, according to interest of group.— M ., 51, Upper George Street, London, W. A few duplicate war medals for sale or exchange.—J ones, Beech- field, Fulwood, Preston. T rad e N o t i c e s . Wanted w ar medals for collections, highest prices given, £2 to £ 10 for those dated 1848 and earlier.— Phillips, 492, Oxford Street, W . W ar medals, fine stock for collector's inspection.— Phillips, 492, Oxford Street, W . / For sale V .C . and three other medals, ^ 45.— Phillips, 492, Oxford Street, W. Old naval medals especially wanted, very high prices given.— Phillips, 492, Oxford Street, W. Old groups of medals to same man, highest prices given.— Phillips, 492, Oxford Street, W. RESULT OP “ LARK” COMPETITION. A PRI2R o f a watch has been awarded to Mr. G . Haywood, 71, Godwin Street, Bradford. K nives to the following three :— Mr. R. Hcid, 102, Westbournc Terrace, Hyde Park, \V\ ; P ie. W . E . Burgess, 2815, Albany Road, Camberwell, S .E . ; Sergt. G . J . Weston, ist Monmouth Artillery. Newport, Monmouth. Medals to the following six in order of merit Sapper T . A. W'aterhousc, loth Company. R .E ., Woolwich ; P ie. H . Constable, Station Hospital, H ounslow ; M r. J . Smith, a i, Lean ox Street, Brighton: Mr. J . H . Wardman, y, Benjamin Street, W akefield; Pte. II. E . Luck, 26, Oving Road, Chichester ; Mr. A. Hills, 9 , Hoe Street, Plymouth. RESULT OF FOOTBALL COMPETITION, No. 7. F o i *r competitors sent in lists containinj four mistakes, they, therefore, take six am threepence each. Their names and addresses are :—Mr. A. Bishop, Thorpe Lea Cottage, Egham, Surrey ; Mr. W. A. Walkerdine, 77, Church Street, Preston, Lancashire ; Corporal S. Malloy, A.S.C., Xetley, Hants ; Mr. G. Hale, Clock 'rower, Raglan Barracks, Devonport. SOLDIERS’ BALANCES. T h k sums o f £20 12s., £ 2 4 3s. Sd., ^28 :7s. 6d., and ^26 13s. f-d. are due to the next-of-kin of the late Privates J . M urray, Medical Staff C orps; J . Neville, 1st E ast Kent R egim ent; Acting-Bombardier A -B ird , K . A . ; and Private J . Blakeway, 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment. T h e sums o f £9 is. 4d., £34 ipi. 6d., / 1 9 ids. 8d., and £2$ 14s. 6d. are due to the next-of-kin of the late Private T . Lee, 3rd Rifle U n la c e ; Drummer W . Lewis, 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers; Private S. Matthews, 1st Loyal Ncrth Lancashire Regim ent; and Gunner J . Mills, R .A . The sums o f £76 5s. 9d., £22 11s. 5d., £21 8s. 9s., and £34 14s. are due to the next-of-kin o f the late Gunner J . McCabe, R .A . ; Private J . M cCrae, ist K .O .S .B . ; C urlier W. M cLoughlin, R .A . ; and Private H. Nelson, 1st Royal Fusiliers. The sums o f £25 13s. iod., £ 1 7 ~s. 4^., £40 x i*. 4d., and £16 6s. sd. are due to the next-of-kin of the late Corporal I . Morris, 1st Rifle Brigade; Gunner J . Blaney, R .A .; Private J . Campbell, and Scottish Rifles ; and Gunner W. Coppock, R .A . The sums of £24 19s. 6d., £ iy 15s. n d ., £10 13s. 7d., and £ ig 14s. 8d. are due to the next-of-kin of the late Privates R . Jones, tst Royal Fusiliers; W . Jones, 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers; W. Patterson, 1st Rifie Brigade; and H. Porter, ist Royal Irish Fusiliers. The sums of £$9, £22, £ t$ 12*. iod., and £31 arc due to the next-of-kin o f the late Sergeant J . Spriggs, ist E ast Surrey Regiment ; Privates J . Worsford, 2ud tdoucestershire Rev!intent; W. Bartlett, 1st Fast Surrey Regim ent; and J . Blakew ay, 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment. ^OLpifffCK FREE These Watches are solid 14-carat cold, and our usual list price for them is £ s each, but to in­ troduce our en<.r* raous Catalogue we will send you this Watch free, if you take advantage of our marvellous offer. I f you want one write to us without delay. With your letter send us 2s. 6d. P.O ., for which we will send you a large presentation c sscbti taining 6 solid " Euro Silver" Tes Spoons, which we guarantee to wear etiual to real silver, and our offer. After you receive the beautiful Watch we shall exjxect you to show it to your friends and call the r attention to this advertisement. T h e watch is sent free by registered |>ost on your complying w|itli our advertisement, and with the marvellous offer which we will send, and it is warranted for 5 years. Address—W A T C H M A K E R S ' A L L IA N C E , L im it e d , 184, Ox fo r d S t r e e t , L ondon. Money returned if not more than satisfied. PRIZE COMPETITION. W e will give prizes o f a Watch, Three Knives, and Six Medal* to the competitors who scud in the best account ol their most exciting adventure. Envelopes marked M Adventure ” m ustreich Editor by March 26th, 1898. Terms of Subscription. THE REGIMENT will be forwarded direct 1rom the Offices, free to any part of the World, at the following r» te* ;— % d G One year ................................ 0 u Half-year ................................ 3 3 Three months ...................... 1 8 Volumes I., II. and III., 3s. Qd. each. Postage Gd. per Volume. ‘The Regiment' WEATHER COMPETITION. £25 Model. March 26. March 27. March 28. March 29. A p r il 1 . March 30. March 31. DESCRIPTION. Above will be found eight weather diagrams. What you have to do is to draw an A R R O W similar to the one in M O D EL, but pointing to the weather that you P R E D IC T will take place at 2 a.m. on the dates mentioned below the diagrams, viz., March 26th to April 1st. The weather chart as published in 'I he D a ily M a il during these days will be taken as a decision. All replies must reach our office by March 25th. Envelopes to be marked “ Weather No. 2 . ” PRIZES. The Competitor who sends in a Correct Prediction will receive £25. In the event of no one Predicting the weather correctly, a Consola­ tion Prize of £1 10s. for the First, and 10s. for tho Second Best Predic­ tion will be paid. Six Pen Knives and six Medals to the next in order of merit. RULES. The same F IV E R U L E S will apply as in the recent Football Competitions. The above competition should prove interesting, as so many people are good weather prophets ; and there are many well-known weather predictions, such as the following : I f the sun shines on Christmas D ay, Thero will be much snow in M ay. The last seven da>s in December, and the first five days of January, are said to tell w ha: weather we shall have all the year th o u g h If it rains on December a=th, and during the next eleven days, s> s irely will it be a wet year. In whatever quarter tne wind be on St. lhom as’s D ay, December 21st, there it will remain fot the next lunar quarter. A green Christ m»s denotes a white or frosty Easter. An old French suuemtiuon connected with the weather is as follows ;—P ace twelve onious on a shelf where they w ill r.ot be touched ; put a good pinch of salt- on each onion, an*J if it remain** unmeitcd, the month cone pon ling promises to be dry. Should the salt have melted, then tne month denoted by the number wi l be a rainy one. T h e R HOI MEN T Printing f»nd Publishing Co., Ltd., 2, Suudumpton Stieet, Strand, London, W .C. K. A. T hompson & C o., Agents for Australia and South Africa, Melbourne, Btisbane, Syduey, Adelaide, & c., and Cape Town.
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