The Regiment, March 26th 1898

Makch 26 1S98. M M fin Illustrated Military Journal for Everybody. Edited by V. D’O. NOBLE, Late 27th Innlsklllings. N o .104.— V l.o I V .]March 26,1898, [Price One Penny. mag pies. GEORDIK joined the Volunteers. Having arrived home from his first day's target practice, his mother asked him how he had succeeded at the shooting. “Oh," said Geordie, “no sae bad for a start, I got two magpies." “Well done, Geordie,” returned his mother, "see an’ tak’ care an’ no ruffle their feathers, an’ we’ll ha’e them stuffed.” w t I *til 1 *{I-i w*-e *i* 1 -s.f •}p?.r 1 tS W t r v r c t\ar\
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