Hutchinson's Pictorial History of the War, Series 17 No 6

Now ioth Thousand A brilliant study o f the Pacific Campaign LORD STRABOLGIs SINGAPORE AND AFTER Daily Express:“ A brilliant new book.” Daily Mail: “Its interest, its value, both immediate and historical, could hardly be greater.” With 63 illustrations. gs. 6d. Important new HUTCHINSON books in demand everywhere CHARLES DE GAULLE by Philippe Barres Daily Mail: “The first complete and authoritatire account of the Free French Forces." Public Opinion :“It will be widely welcomed because it not only tells of the General’s career, but of the aims he has in view.” Wes Urn Mail :“This book is a classic of the war.” os. 6d. MACHINE WARFARE by Major-Gen. J. C.F. Fuller A complete survey of the development, theory and practice of machine warfare popularly known a> “Blitzkrieg,” by one of the few writers capable of tackling this vitally important subject. Illustrated. 8s. 6d. MALTA AT BAY by R. Leslie Oliver This is an up-to-date, detailed and thrilling account of the fighting at Malta, that much-bombed citadel of the Empire, on which the eyes of the world have been fixed in wonder and admiration. 16 dramatic photographs. 5s. MOSCOW UNDER FIRE by Erskine Caldwell Sunday Chronicle:“ A book of deathless courage and an inspiration to all people fighting against tyranny. ’Public Opinion :“One of the best books about the Russian Front which ha* been published.” 7s. fid. Hutchinson's Ouarterly Record of the War THE NINTH QUARTER Philip Graves This ninth volume of Hutchinson’s Quarterly Record of the War covers the period between October 1st and December 31st, 1941. The Times: “These rccords of the war have becomc invaluable.” Daily Telegraph :“Striking success of one of the most difficult of tasks.” 16 illustrations and maps. 9s. 6d. HUTCHINSON vr-Ht'- I^R r ^^v D O 'O K P i J B i His f RS,
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