The Sea Cadet, No. 2, Vol. 3, December 1945

EDITORIAL OFFICES, cc THE SEA CADET,” GRAND BUILDINGS, TRAFALGAR SQUARE, LONDON, WC2 VOL. 3 NO. 2 OCTOBER 1945 THE SEA CADET OFFICIAL ORGAN O F THE SEA CADET CORPS PRICE 6 d Published Monthly About Ourselves T h isis farT a l gar Mont h.On 21st October we shall celebrate the immortal memory of Nelson and his comrades. He gave us victory in one crisis of our fate and an inspira­tion which lives forever. This is 1945, and once more we have won our way to victory. Our people, with the same English blood running in their veins as ran in Nelson’s, stood alone when all seemed lost, they fought on the seas,on the land and in the air they went quietly about their work whilst bombs rained down on them. 1 he story of all this will probably never be told, but through it all one thing is certain— they stood steady. Trafalgar Square has been the scene of many meetings. Towards the end of September London held her Thanks­giving Week there and, towering above the captured German tanks and guns and aeroplanes, the doodle-bugs and rocket shell, was the same stone figure of Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson, stand­ing steadily on his column. The world has been tortured. The world of to-morrow lies before us. There are immense possibilities for peace, for security, for happiness. There are immense and frightening possibilities of war. Never think that, as individuals, we have no real part in shaping the world to come. If each one of us stands steady, if we behave to each other with honesty and decency, if we strive to live up to the great heritage which is ours, we shall be doing our part in the scheme. You all know Nelson’s famous signal. England still expects us to do our duty. “VICTORY AT SEA ”Since last December, when it was launched in London, this Exhibition has visited Bristol, Southend and Black­pool. and has ingathered more than £15,000 for the Central Sea Cadet Appeal Fund. Our abundant thanks are due to the News Chronicle for their generosity in sponsoring these exhibi­tions. The Exhibition in its original form has now come to an end, but the Navy Nelson turns his back on V2. This German rocket stood in Trafalgar Square during London's Thanks­giving Week League is prepared to consider appli­cations from other towns anxious to see it. The Exhibition itself is an expensive and difficult thing to stage, so it is quite impossible to put it on for the direct benefit of any particular unit. Any pro­ceeds derived from the Exhibition itself, therefore, togo the Central Sea Cadet Appeal Fund, but nevertheless if you run your local appeal while the Navy League runs the Exhibition you would have your publicity ready-made. If you think you can make use of this opportunity, write to the Financial Secretary, The Navy League, Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2, give him details of dates and which hall or halls could be booked for the Exhibition. JUBILEE CONCERT On Sunday, 21st October, at 2.30 p.m. the Navy League is giving Allan Star Jubilee and Victory Concert at the Coliseum, Charing Cross, London. Among the artists who have promised to appear are Marie Burke, Jeanne de Casalis, Mary Clare, Walter Chrisham, Linda Gray, Will Hay. Leslie Henson, Lupino Lane, Hal Monty, Dennis Noble, Gillie Potter, Cyril Ritchard, Robb Stewart. George Shearing and his Hatchetts’ Quintet, and the bugle and brass bands of the Sea Cadet Corps will play during the afternoon. The entire proceeds togo the Sea Cadet Corps Appeal. Tickets: Stalls: £5 5s., £3 3s. and £1 Is. Royal Circle: £2 2s. and £1 Is. Upper Circle: 15s. and 10s. 6d. Balcony: 7s. 6d. and 5s. Boxes: to seat three, from £5 5s. to seat four, from £6 6s. to seat six, from £9 9s. Special boxes to seat parties of twelve or fourteen by arrangement. Orders should be sent to Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, G.C.M .G., G.C.V.O., KCIE C.B., The Navy League, Grand Buildings, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2. We advise everyone who wants tickets to apply early for them,as the demand is expected to be very heavy. 33
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