Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 15, Vol. 41, January 20th 1900

BLACK AND WHITE BUDGE'l Jan. 20,1900 “COUSiN BILLY”---------— oo>«-------------- Tommy ’as a sturdy cousin Servin’ with ’ini at the Cape, ’Ain’t a reg’lar, but ’e doesn’t Want much lickin’ into shape. Quite a stranger to the Barracks— Can’t explain each pipe-clay rule, But e’s got the pluck ’istoric Of ’is uncle, Johnny Bull. Atkins is a linesman—“ Billy ”Leaves ’s little roadside store, Slips across a nimble pony— They’re a pair it’s ’ard to “floor” —Scouts the donga, clears each kopje, Slippery as a Thames-bred eel. Quits—and more, for any Dutchman— Paves the way for Tomm y’s steel. From (he ware’ouse down at Durban, Lonely farm, and sugar-mill, Come our cousins, addin’ items To old Kruger’s unpaid bill. John’s “dead n u ts” upon ’is nephews— Billy’s never ’eard of “flinch ”Though ’e ain’t been classed at Sand'urst, When the old shoe begins to pinch,’E’s as steady as the Gin’ral, ’E’s a soldier—every inch! .C.TR SONG OF THE SAXON T h isis the song of the Saxon, Of the race that rules the earth :This is the song of countless kings, This is the song the conqueror sings, The song of Saxon worth. Forth from the little island, In the days of long ago, To North and Soulh, to East and West, The Saxon sailed in dauntless quest, Nor paused for any foe. Out from their little island, Over the waste of seas, The Saxon ships went sailing far, Some to peace and some to war, And all to victories. Forth from the little island The strength of the world flowed wide, And builded nations everywhere, Nations rich, and nations fair, Nations that shall abide. The Saxon measured the span O f leagues that gird the world And reared his towers strong and high For watch and ward ’neath every sky Where Saxon flag unfurled. A chain of races brave Binds close a hundred lands A chain whose links of tempered steel Were forged by Saxon strong and leal, Forged true by honest hands. The Saxon ships sail far, White wings 011 every sea. And whether in war or whether in peace, Their coming tells that wrongs must cease, They bear the flag of the free. The Saxon thinks and toils, Toiling and thinking aye, Whilst other peoples envy and rage The Saxon works, and his work is sage, And makes of their night his day. The Saxon’s empire stands Stately and steadfast, sure. For the Saxon honours himself and God, Nor spares from evil his weighty rod, But the good he makes endure. Then hail to the Saxon, hail !And honour the work lie’s done Bless Saxon heart and Saxon brain, Whose every deed is the whole world’s gain, Saxon and manhood are one! This is the song o f the Saxon, O f the race that rules the earth This is the song o f countless kings, This is the song the conqueror sings, The song o f Saxon worth. Marvin Dan a.Pr i n ted b they Black and White Pub l i hings Comp any, miL i ted ,at 33, B o u v erie Street and Pub l i shed Weekly b y W .J. P .Mon c k t o n,at 63, Fleet Street ,Lon donE .C .,England.— J a n u a r y 20,1000.
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