Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 14, Vol. 41, January 13th 1900

Jan. 13,1900 BLACIC AND WHITE BUDGET 5 There are now two corps o f South African Light the siege of Badajoz, aged twenty-six T>ears. h L TTori-e, one of which is in Natal with General Buller monument is erected by his brother officers. ‘In •and the other with Lord Methuen. It will be remem-j Lieut.-Colonel Macleod, of the 43rd Regiment, who ibered that the first particularly distinguished themselves was killed on the Breach, his Majesty has sustained at Elandslaagte, where Colonel Scott-Chisholme was the loss of an officer who was an Ornament to his killed, and where they captured the well-known Colonel Profession, and was capable of rendering the most .Sci» iel and a large number of Boers. When Schiel important Services to his Country.’— Vide Marquis Jeauied that he had fallen into the hands of the men of Wellington’s Dispatch, April Slh, 1812 .”Sampson? company, he said :Ah !we had him The colours of the 2nd Battalion of the “Buffs,” or {Sampson) in our prison. Now, I suppose, he will have the .rd Foot> have been p|aced in the Warriors’ Chapel/ n ?IS" 1111 1S 1 * OItune °*war» Colonel, jn Canterbury Cathedral, and Canon Farrar has •old boy .promised to keep an eye on them till the regiment O f the early days of the Yeomanry, a force of which comes back from the war. At bloody Albuera the as being embodied for service in South Africa, there are colours of the Buffs.were nearly captured by the French, ¦many good stories related. The force was organised The legiment was engaged in an attack on the enemy, from among the yeomen of the country-side, and while when they were taken in the flank by a brigade of ihe squadrons were commanded by proper Army men, Polish lancers. The “Buffs” were practically anni- _ Rend Bull, Our Special Correspondent on the Eastern Border 'the minor officers were the country squires, &c., who| hilated, and the precious colours were passed from knew a deal more about hunting than of army life, hand to hand till the last few survivors managed to One of these patriotic gentlemen was putting his com- save them. The 3rd Foot is essentially a London -pany through some exercises where a“right wheel ”regiment, and their proceedings in South Africa will be was necessary. But for the life of him the squire could watched with interest. not recall the proper expression, so lie waved his hand <<\yE are all right :How are you ?”was the satis- and said,“ winS ground this way like agate!” I he factory Christmas message General Pole-Carew sent feat was accomplished without disaster. home from the Modder River Camp. A regiment which is on the way out to the Cape is It is interesting to note that the 2nd Scottish Rifles, the 1st Oxfordshire Light Infantry, who have deposited or the old 90th Foot, which is now lighting in Natal, their colonrs in the meantime in the Cathedral at is Lord Wolseley’s old regiment. It was then called Oxford. With the 2nd Battalion of the same regiment the Perthshire Light Infantry, and of one of his com- and the 2nd Derbyshire Regiment, it formed the ever- rades the Commander-in-Chief has stated that he was famous Light Division under Tom Picton, and they “one of the very bravest, if not the bravest, soldier he fought in nearly every battle in the Peninsular War. ever knew.” This was Lieutenant Nichol Grahame, There is in ^Westminster Abbey a monument to a who gained great renown during the Mutiny lor his •Colonel of the 1st Oxfords, or 43rd Foot, who fell at daring, and who finally fell in 1857 at the relief of the siege of Badajoz. The inscription i s :—“To the j Lucknow. Lord Wolseley was with this famous ¦memory of Lieut.-Colonel Charles Macleod, who fell at regiment for many years.
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