Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 14, Vol. 41, January 13th 1900

Jan. 13,1900 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET FACES AND FACTS M r.and M r s.C.H. H i l liar d have been having rather a severe time of it lately in the usually peaceful little Residency at Kuruman. First they had to deal with refugees from Mafeking, who made a detour via Kuruman to avoid the Boers. But those days of bustle and confusion were nothing to what followed. Mr. CH. Hilliard, Resident Since then their little garrison Magistrate of Kuruman of 135 has been repeatedly threatened by Boers to the number of 800, who have been repeatedly driven off. Mr. Hilliard is much admired and respected through­out South Africa, and his gallantry and resource on the present occasion have been beyond praise. Kuru­ man still holds out, and will in all probability soon be relieved. Major -General C. Tucker ,C.B .,brings a great reputation to the command of the 7th Division. He has been in South Africa before, in 187S-79, when he The feeding of an army is a matter which little troubles the ordinary newspaper reader, yet it is the most important consideration of a campaign. In the old days things did not run as smoothly as they do now, and it recalls the dis­tress of a contractor, during the Peninsular War, whom General Picton had threatened to hang to the nearest tree if some certain supplies were not up by a certain day. This alarmed the poor man so much that he hastened to explain to Wellington, who said, “So he threatened to hang you, did h e ?”“That is so, my lord.” “Then,” exclaimed the Duke, “by God lie’ll do it, for Picton is a man of his word 1 ”Needless to say, the supplies were up to the front promptly to time !Lieut .-Co lone lT.D. liP che r’s success at Sunny- side has made him the hero of the hour. He has Mrs. Hilliard, of the Resi­dency, Kuruman Maj.-Gen. C. Tucker, com­manding 7th Division Cplonel G.R. Broadwood, to com- Lieut.-Col. T. D. Pilcher, who com­mand Light Horse under Warren manded the Colonials at Sunnyside was mentioned in dispatches and got his C.B. He is a great friend of “Bob s”and a most active officer for his years, which number sixty-two. C o lone lR. G .Broad w o odis only thirty-eight years of age, yet he has already made himself a name as a cavalry leader. He was mentioned in dispatches both in the Dongola Expedition of ’96 and in the Khartoum Expedition of ’98, when his splendid lead­ing of the Egyptian Cavalry will be remembered. Although he will operate hun­dreds of miles from Lord Kit­chener, the “man from Khar­toum ”will have his eye on him. SEx- erg ante Green eris a disgrace to his country. Re­duced to the ranks for miscon­duct in the British Army, he deserted to the enemy. He is said, in company with an English ex-Lieutenant who was cashiered, to have taught the Boers how to make effec­tive trenches at the Modder River. It is unfortunate for this scoundrel that his name has become known. shown most gratifying foresight and tactical ability. Colonel Pilcher .belongs to the Northumberland Fusiliers, and commanded the West African Frontier Force of 1897. General Sir Her bert C.C her m side ,who the year before last administered Crete in the British interests and made a name for himself, is to command the 14th Brigade. H e was in the Russo-Turkish War of 1870-78, and was in every Egyptian campaign from 1882-87. He has just completed his jubilee, having been inborn 1850. Serge ant J. Todd ,of the Natal Carbineers, has made for himself a name which is likely to be remembered among those I of the bravest heroes of this j war. In the armoured train disaster he not only removed Captain Wylie, who was wounded, from a dangerous position, but though himself wounded in three places, built for that officer a shelter o f boulders. Hisdevotedbehaviour Sergeant J .Todd, .Natal,, Carbineers—saved the h!e nearly cost him his llle. ofan OITicer, Chievcley Gen. Sir H. Chermside, commanding 14th Brigade
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