Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 14, Vol. 41, January 13th 1900

2 BLACK AND WHITE BUD GET Jan. 13,1900 WHAT W E A REDOING The present issue o f Black and White Bud get shows our readers, as no words can, the enterprise and foresight o f the Proprietors in having made, far ahead, arrangements to deal comprehensively with the war in South Africa. Since the moment of outbreak of hostilities we have been enabled each week to present an unrivalled selection o f pictures, sketches, and photo­graphs dealing with the progress o f events and touching on every point of interest from CapeTown to Fort Tuli, from Durban to theM odder River, from Ladysmith to Mafeking. This has been possible only through the un­tiring efforts o f the little army of correspondents which the Proprietors raised to chronicle on the spot the stirring events o f the greatest campaign o f recent years. In Natal we are represented by Mr. Rene Bull and Mr. J). Barnett, o f whose work remarkable specimens will be found in this week's number with Lord Methuenwe have Mr. Lester Ralph, a bi illiantyoung artist, sonoj Mr. Julian Ralph, the eminent American journalist with General Gatacre, Mr. George Clarke Musgrave, our late Special Correspondent in Cuba with Colonel Baden-Poioell, a gentleman whose name we may not give, but whose excellent work has bulked largely during the last two weeks at Pretoria two gentlemen whose names we must withhold for very obvious reasons and following Lord Roberts, to join him at CapeTown and accompany him on what we all hope will abe triumphal progress, is Mr. S.M .Laurence, a young artist of American bi/th, whose brilliant work in recent war-times has been prominent in Transatlantic journals. In addition to these Special Correspondents there is a staff o f military corre­spondents with whom the Proprietors o f Black and White Bud get made special arrangements, and these, too, have been indefatigable in sending us reliable pictorial material. With the help o fall these gentlemen we trust to be able, each week, to present swiftly the only complete pictorial record of the war. The portraits in this Budget arc by as follows:—Lieut.-General French, Lambert Weston and Son General Sir H. Chermside, Chancellor Ex-Sergeant Green, Knight. All the pictures are by Our Special Correspondents with the exception of Be,.— .soncrs, which is by Horace W. Nicholls, Johannesburg, &c.
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