Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 11, Vol. 1, December 23rd 1899

BLACK AND WIIITE BUDGET Dec. 23,1899 M ynheer J .\V. Burgon, r f the Boer Executive Council. One o f K ruger's trusted lieutenants. south and the Modeler River Camp in the north, which had evidently been planned in the event of such a contingency, took place. One thousand Boers, under Commander Prinsloo, were soon driven away by the two forces, and the damage they had done was speedily repaired. In Natal, the inactivity of the Ladysm ith garrison has been broken by a brilliant sortie. It was one of those night attacks which are so disagreeable to the Boers. General Hunter led the attack with five hundred of the Natal Carbineers and a hundred of the Natal Light Horse. The Boer sentry was met about two-thirds of the way up Gun Hill, near Lom bard’s Kop, and the rest of the ascent was made under a dropping fire. The Light Horse went straight for the big Creusot gun which had been annoying the garrison for the past month, while the Carbineers swept round to the right. The Boers were over­mastered, and, hearing the ominous sound of fixing bayonets, fled, leaving their guns behind. Total result: a Creusot and a Howitzer quickly putout of action and a Maxim captured and brought back to Ladysmith. Bravo, Sir Archibald 1 It was a good night’s work. So much for our suc­cesses, but we have also a serious reverse to chronicle. General Gatacre led about 2,500 tried men against a strong position of Boers at Stormberg, misjudged the distance, and lost no less than 670 of his force. Reading the account, we are glad it was no worse. Our men, the 1st Northumberland Fusiliers, the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, some Berkshire Mounted Infantry, and two batteries of Royal Field Artillery, arrived at daybreak in a kind of basin surrounded by hills crowned with Boers. A withering and unex­pected fire was opened, and a hasty retreat followed, together with enormous loss. It is a terrible thing, but it is better to come at the beginning of a campaign than at the end. General Gatacre will no doubt learn much from what has happened, a good deal more than that the Boers occupy a strong position at Stormberg, which it would be absurd to attack, but from which it is necessary to line the enemy. Everywhere else early difficulties and misfortunes are being overcome. Let us hope that the a fair of Stormberg is merely the cloud The President o f the Orange Free state ,r\ 1 urn who finds it necessary to visit the scene o f uciorc uie uaw 11. aaion lo inspire them ftn w kh confidence .>—<=>o o —<NOTES O’ WAR The Queen’s chocolate will reach the troops about the middle of January. This is the latest computation. The Boers call Sir Rodvers Butler“ Rooi-vers,” which means “Red Heifer.” The only answer will abe ijood tossing. The horses of the Scots Greys at Maitland Camp have been dyed khaki colour. It is said that the dye lasts a couple of months, and does not injure the horse. The Boers are apparently very much annoyed at our use o f khaki. They think it quite legitimate to use the white flag trick to lure cur men who Conceal themselves in such a cowardly fashion. “Long Tom ”has at last exhausted its ninth life. It is now suffering from the loss of two wheels and a bent muzzle, damage inflicted by our naval gun which killed live men. it is not expected to revive again. F r ere, wliere General Clery’s camp is, lies on the Blaauwkrans River. The men there are in excellent spirits and doing their best to keep things merry. The brinks of the river are commonly known Mas“ argate Sands.” The Marconi telegraphing instrument has just been installed at De Aar. Considering all the diffieuities that occur through the cutting of wires, it seems a pity that the use of the wireless system was not thought of earlier.
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