Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 11, Vol. 1, December 23rd 1899

Dec 23,1899 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET THE CLOUD AT DAWN Since Modeler River there has been no great battle lost or won, but there have been numerous small engagements of great strategical importance, and one that has pro­duced the discovery of the whereabouts and strength of the Boers in the Storm berg region at a cost which is, to say the least of it, disproportionate to the value of the information gained. But we must not let this last check cause us to forget the advantages we are gaining elsewhere in the war. '1 he first news of importance after the Modder River battle told of a brilliant Kttie Troops assembling fcr a Dti:nhcail Sun .’.ay a -nit cat l> tc i::t.o fight faraway in the north above Mafeking. Colonel Holdsworth, who w: with part of Colonel Plumer’s command at Mochudi, rode out on December 6th with seventy-five mounted men and ten cyclists across the bare, waterless veld to Sequane. Here,on the other side of the Poort Marico River, was a Boer post, which Colonel Holdsworth surprised and drove off with the loss of their leader and some score men. The gallant Colonel and his men then rode back, and reached Mochudi the same evening, having covered a hundred miles in twenty-three hours— a pretty good spin. Friday, December 8th, was also a satisfactory day for the British arms. From both west and east came the news of successes. The news from Lord Methuen is especially satisfactory. It was feared than an attack on the long lines of communication might seriously hamper his advance. The attack came, and it showed that Lord Methuen’s resources were equal to coping with an enemy even of such mobility as the Boers. Gras Pan was, as expected, the spot chosen, and the Boers seemed determined to wipe off the- defeat of their comrades at that place. But they were too late: they dvnamitcd the line and cut the wires after Lord Methuen had received his reinforcements. Immediately the news of the Boer attack reached headquarters a co-operative movement f.’om Belmont in the
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