Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 10, Vol. 1, December 16th 1899

Dec i 6,1899 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET 5 Capt. G. Senior, R.M. A.H .M.S. “Monarch ”—Killed, Enslin MidshipmanC. Huddart, H .M.S. “Doris” —Killed Enslin Capt. C.A.L. Yate, 2nd Batt.Y .L. 1. —Wounded, Enslin Lieut. .1 .(J. Stirling', 91I1 Lancers —Wounded, Reconnais., Nov. 27th Lieut. W.E. Furze, 18th F. B.R.A. —Wound., Modder River Capt. Philip Allen, 2nd N ’lh’p. Wound. Belmont Hon. R. Lygon, 3rd Gren. Guards Wound., Belmont Lieut. C. N.B. Dunlop, 75th F .B.R.A —Wound. Modder River Lieut. H.G. Ehves, 1st Scot Guards —Wound., Modder River Lieut. Fernyhaugh, 2nd Batt.Y .L. 1.—Wound., Enslin Sec.-Lt. C. II. Ackroyd, 2nd Batt.Y .L.I. —Wounded, Enslin Sec.-Lt. A.H. Travers, 2nd Gren. Guards— Wound., Modder River Sec.-Lt. W. J. M. Hill, 1st Scot Guards —Wound., Modder River Lieut. B. J. Majendie, K.R .R .—Captured Glencoe Sec.-Lieut. Burton, 2nd Colds. Guards —Wound. Belmont Sec.-Lt. J. W. Long, 2nd Y .L. 1. —Killed Modder River THEIR NAMES WILL LIVE WHILE BRITAIN LASTS
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