Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 10, Vol. 1, December 16th 1899

4 BLACK AND WHITE BUDGET Dec 16,1899 Lord M ethuen a hard fight for it but M odder River shows that our men are on their mettle, and are quite ready to repeat Belmont, Enslin, and theM odder victories patS yt- fontein, and anywhere elsewhere the Boers will wait to meet them. It is satisfactory to hear that Lord Methuen is now able to communicate with the Kimberley garrison, which has evidently been having a bad time, to judge from the severe casualty list. The news from Natal is o f steady advance and determined concentration. Lad ysm ith ,where the Gordons have been amusing themselves with athletic sports, holds out firmly, and is now in communication with the advancing column. The river has been bridged at Frere by our engineers, and debridged, if we may use the phrase, by the Boers at Colenso, to the north o f which the Boers stronghold positions. I f they wait for our men here, there will probably abe repetition o f the scenes which arc taking place west of the Free State. General Gat acre’s advance is proceeding steadily. His headquarters arc now at Putter’s Kraal, in the neighbourhood o f Stukstroom ,though the General himself is reported to be ubiquitous. H e i doing much to restore confidence in the neighbourhood. The loyal are being strengthened in their loyalty, and the disloyal are being severely Major H. Scott Turner—Killed in a -sortie Major Count Gleicben. 3 rd Grenadier I.ieut.-Colonel If. I*. N'ortlirott, Staff —Killed from Kimberley Guards—Wounded Modder River Modder Uiver punished. The Boers are said to have evacuated M olteno, and no serious develop­ments are to be looked for in the Storm berg region just yet. NOTES O’ WAR The nuns Mat afeking are setting a splendid example of courage and endurance. Though the convent has been struck by shells no less than six times, they still refuse to leave. The sooner some of the newspapers from home reach Ladysmith the belter. The nights there are very cold, and the poor Tommies have to sleep in the open with only one blanket to cover them. If the statement in the Standard and D iggci's Ar ews about the I)e Beer’s Mines were true, it would be very serious. It says that the mines are filling with water, and estimates the daily loss at £10,000. A toi'chin'g incident is reported from Melbourne of the departure of the Medic with the Victorian Contingent for the Cape. A voting girl, who had been seeing one of the soldiers off, fell heron knees on the pier and prayed. A soldier hurrying past at the moment raised his hand to his hat in salute. The Durban Church Council has passed a strongly worded motion against the action o f the Transvaal prior to the war. It also prays for the success of the British arms, as the best guarantee of sound and honest government in the future. Last week we gave some of the legends 011 the naval guns at Ladysmith. The Boers have also been displaying their wit in the naming of the guns. Not long ago the now famous “Long Tom ”was Mipplcmvnted by another big gun which was nicknamed “Suzerainty.” Now a third has been placed in position and been dubbed “Franchise.” W e know that the Boer does not like cold steel and will not wait for a bayonet charge if he can help it, but his naive ignorance of the lance is an interesting revelation. This is how a prisoner describes the charge of the 5th Lancers :“Men on horses, carrying sticks with spikes 011 top, came galloping at us as we were running to our horses. They picked us upon the spikes like bundles of hay they came through us once, then again, altogether five times. And yet you English call yourselves civilised people.”
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