Black and White Budget, Transvaal Special, No. 10, Vol. 1, December 16th 1899

D j: <.16}1899 BLACK AM) WJJJ1E BUDGE I' THE TUG-OF-WAR ------------>--«®9 o —<--------The latest accounts o f the battle on the Modeler River show it to have been a desperate artillery duel, in which our men suffered much from lack o f cover, but in which the Boers were finally outclassed. Gallant attempts w'ere made to cross the river, to dislodge the enemy from their trenches on the right. Colonel Codrinton and Captain Fielding, o f the Coldstream s. with Captain Selheim ,of the Queensland Permanent Force, with two dozen men, forded the river, but being unsupported, and having to stand the fire o f the Hotchkiss, which was turned on themas soon as they reached the opposite bank, they had lo letiru. T women were drowned in this passage, but the rest joined hands, Major-General R. Pole-Carew, C.B., who commanded the Guards Brigade at Modder River l:“and d the successful covering which succeeded in turning the enemy’s flank, is fifty years ol age, and has seen considerable service. He was in the famous march to Kandahar in the Afghan War of 1879-83, and was thrice mentioned in dispatches. He was in Kgypt in 1882, and four years later got iiis C.B .for services in the Burmese Expedition. He has the honour of being the only officer mentioned in Lord Methuen’s brief dispatch and got safely back. On the left, the Northum berland Fusiliers and the A rg y ll and Sutherland Highlanders made a more successful effort with three hundred men, and succeeded in turning the enem y’s flank. But the Boers held their own till nightfall and it was not till they had cleared off, and our men had crossed and occupied their position, that we discovered from the dead and wounded they had left behind what a bad time they had had o fit. A sit was an artillery battle, there are two facts that deserve special attention, as having a determining effect on the fortunes o f the day. One is the splendid forced march o f the 62nd Field Battery, under Major Grant, which marched thirty-three miles over terrible country, with horses out o f condition, and arrived in the afternoon, justin time to render most important service. The other is the utter rout and discomfiture o f the F re­state Artillery, which disgusted the Transvaalers, who even threatened to shb t them clown for cowardice. The gallantry o four men was heightened by the fact that they had no water, and were suffering all day from the most galling thirst. The Boers are giving
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